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Showing posts from March, 2006
Finally I decided to dump off my SE k750i phone! I really doesn't want to throw that good phone, especially the photgraphy quality and the Bluetooth Desktop features to control the PC I like it so much (check out the photo in DA). Since the phone is badly scratch and have been hit so hard while I was working in the store or during my delivery last year. The phone itselfs started have a problem in sudden power turn off after a light bump in the car, including during the battery charging. I do not really want to get things worst so I decided to trade and get a new one instead. Yes, the whole new Motorola Razr 3Vi! The price and the bundles give me was reasonable I have to say. You get quite a lot of nice stuffs like iTune features, 256MB memory card, comfortable headphones, pouch etc.Although the camera of the phone has upgraded to 1.2 Mega-pixel. But I have to admit that the Razr V3i is not a tool for photography, even if they bump up the size of the picture. Anyway, you can view s…