Finally I decided to dump off my SE k750i phone! I really doesn't want to throw that good phone, especially the photgraphy quality and the Bluetooth Desktop features to control the PC I like it so much (check out the photo in DA). Since the phone is badly scratch and have been hit so hard while I was working in the store or during my delivery last year. The phone itselfs started have a problem in sudden power turn off after a light bump in the car, including during the battery charging. I do not really want to get things worst so I decided to trade and get a new one instead. Yes, the whole new Motorola Razr 3Vi! The price and the bundles give me was reasonable I have to say. You get quite a lot of nice stuffs like iTune features, 256MB memory card, comfortable headphones, pouch etc.

Razr V3i 2

Although the camera of the phone has upgraded to 1.2 Mega-pixel. But I have to admit that the Razr V3i is not a tool for photography, even if they bump up the size of the picture. Anyway, you can view some of the final results of the photos I have taken using my new Razr V3i for indoor and outdoor test out. Using different settings found in Razr V3i including color, contrast and size editing done in Photoshop.

Razr V3i 0 Razr V3i 1 Razr V3i 3

I haven't done much test on the video in my phone. But the result I play is quite really good and fast :wink:!