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Gundam Front Tokyo Goodies!

Nope I didn’t fly to Japan, my sister does. I give her money to help me loot some goodies there since she also interested visiting Gundam Front Tokyo (GFT) last year before the place closing down on March. I do feel a bit regret buying few of the stuffs because when it comes to buying directly in Japan, you need to be careful and check the website for tax-free zone details.
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When There Is Crime, There is Con.

Took me a while to hold this post. I was waiting and making sure my new official receipt with warranty was received before I start saying anything. Nightmare? No, like a stupid joke. I really like this local computer shop and usually get quite a lot of stuffs from them for both personal and for company. After the bad warranty experience, I am now had to be extra careful dealing with them and reconsider new way to counter the problem.What happen? My home wireless router two LAN ports suddenly went kaput last month and I couldn’t get it work again. The LAN ports is important because I have headless PC running taking advantage of the gigabit speed feature for file sharing. Since the wireless router cover three years warranty, I search for the receipt and send for replacement the next day.The technician need to inspect confirming the problem before he could arrange the replacement. After few days, no news which is strange for the delay. I decided to call up for an update. The technician c…

Should I Get OEM Gaming PC or Back with Build Your Own?

Building your own gaming PC usually is the most recommended route to take. But after MOF slap 5% tax in Brunei, my mindset have to change if I want to continue bringing parts from Singapore. The airport and the post office customs are becoming more active inspecting the stuffs coming into the country. So it’s not a joke if you get caught sneaking in and I’m sorry, 5% tax (reported more) is a fucking big deal to me right now. I’m currently considered getting from the local computer shops. But who is the best should I source the parts from? Few of my friends recommend me Chong Hock computer and told me their price are quite reasonable. In order to find out whether its true or not, I went to their FB and PM for the quotation for CPU, motherboard, graphic card, their recommendation memory ram and power supply unit last week. What do you know, I was surprised the price they quote me.They are unimaginable very competitive even I admit it was acceptable price you can get locally. Chong Hock …

Its Time to Wear Sunglasses

Man, the global warming really no longer a joke, which is why the sun is really fucking killing my eye these days. I always told myself to get a pair but those sunglasses are freaking expensive and those cheap one in the street are not suitable for my eyes. Of course, I am aware those cheap brand lenses could be fake or something because it can cause your eyes and brain every uncomfortable. Whenever I look at the sunglasses, it remind me the CBS 60 minute cover story about the scambag company control the price worldwide. Seriously, fuck them.One thing usually bother me a lot is my face. I have quite a big fat looking round face so it is kind of challenging finding match up sunglasses. Well, I actually took the risk going to any local shops to find and brought two pair Zerpico MOO:D sunglasses at crowdfunding websites instead. The price is indeed affordable and has the design quality in it.

HELO Wellness Band is the Technology Pyramid Schemes

Its being a while I start writing a post. But because Brunei now facing economics and high numbers of jobless problem. A lot of locals now desperate finding ideas, sell and startup business. What many do not know, the multi-level marketing are now taking advantages of such situation especially on health and make its way to technology category. The HELO Wellness Band is one of them. I was at first curious about these band when I heard from my colleague asking me if I am programmer and then introduce me about this HELO Wellness Band thingy. It advertises as health and fitness technology product that have many features you don’t find by most current wrist band in the today market. Like measuring breathing rate, heart rate and able to send emergency SOS alert to your family or friends members if detect abnormal health activities. All this great stuff will cost you US$199.00. Not only that, Germanium Kit US$180.00, the band kit US$150.00 and lastly, the Helo LX Charger Adapter cost only US…

Getting Plus One-Year-Old!

Getting more toys too! To be honest, I don’t really feel much joy about celebrating birthday anymore. Cake or no cake, life still goes on and my wish is to get through smoothly settling the remaining car loan until next year then I can start planning to invest affordable house or apartment. Of course, managing own healthy lifestyle should be first in line. Few more years, I am going to be forty. Yeah, people (family members too!) do ask me occasionally why not making time for relationship. As much I wanted to, I probably would choose to travel and focus something I missed for so long. The timing and self financial still an issue. But the personality of mine are being terrible asking girl out and kinda screw up big time on conversation. Not sure how myself can fix the flaws. It just a habit to be true to myself and speak directly that comes into the mind rather choose to fake it. Not to mention, I'm free thinker. The words and ignorance does the effect. Now what kind of birthday re…

Brunet SMTP Server Under Global Blacklist?

Based on my finding, yes it is. I already started noticing this issue starting last year December when my users starting to complain about their email messages not reaching several existing contacts. Slowly things get even uglier between February and March, the messages would deliver into junk in Outlook automatically. The 3rd party email like Gmail services follow, sending them into SPAM folder. Even the Barracuda Spam Firewall sees as threat and start rejecting. As far I know, my company experiences the worst when the email messages almost completely go AWOL in 3rd week last month. The 4th week, the messages all stuck in the queue for unknown reason and getting relay messages. We found out the local domain name suddenly no longer working and tried using as temporary solution. It didn’t work either. In the end, we had to convince the management to purchase 3rd party SMTP service to get the whole thing running. It’s not like we did not investigate the physical server, M…

Hunt for the Missing Manga Volumes

Finding missing volumes in your ongoing favorite manga collections are quite risky especially if you plan to sell your Manga off in the future. Buyers expect complete volumes with same publication and languages. To be honest, I don’t even know selling off the books is possible since I collect Chinese instead English translate version. No matter, my current ongoing missing volumes are Shingeki no Kyojin, Arslan Senki , Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt and MSV-R The Return of Johnny Raiden. Chinese translate Manga are hardly available in Brunei shops so I have turn to online book stores to get them which I usually buy from YesAsia almost every months. However, their available stocks and release update system in the comic section starting to piss me off. I do not know if there are listing bugs on both Hong Kong and Taiwan version quick link categories. Most of the latest didn’t shows up any in the search results which fool me thinking the Manga haven’t release yet. After month and another…