20 August, 2014

DIY Home Network Attached Storage Project #3

The success upgrade and maintenance for my existing gaming rig finally allow me to complete building DIY home NAS. The previous Intel Pentium I got from eBay very dirt cheap is basically too slow and realizes it was single core version. Since the new ASROCK motherboard I brought able to support up to Intel Core 2 Quad, I decided to replace with Q9400. At the moment I am testing which OS to run my file storages so it is preferable to have ready hardware to meet some of the open source requirements.

Anyway, these are the hardware specifications for my complete custom NAS or file server builds. Many of them are existing stocks so I actually save quite a lot all this years. If you have read my previous posts for Aerocool DS Cube and ASROCK G41S-GC R2.0. The remaining purchases are new power supply unit (PSU) and pen drive.

15 August, 2014

Upgrade Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 to Xeon E5462

Never knew there are such a way allows putting Intel Xeon CPUs (LGA771) into LGA775 motherboard not until I place a mistake bid on the Intel Xeon E5462 and sudden win. It was worrying at first because I have no idea if my existing motherboard may even work. More importantly, you will need to cut the two hinge parts on the CPU sockets carefully not to damage the pins. The reason for this requirement is due to Xeon CPUs design at different side.

04 August, 2014

Seed VS Astray Gunpla Work Continue

After a long hiatus on Gundam kits, I finally able to continue my pending work for Seed VS Astray series. Working on model scale 1/100 size really consumes a lot of time compare to 1/144. I don’t intend to sell it because we all know people nowadays are more interested building MG version. Even Bandai no longer molded HG 1/100 version after Seed VS Astray series, so better off finish it before I can continue Hizack High Mobility work.

My first completed Gunpla work for Seed VS Astray was Nix Providence 2nd Issue back in 2012. The second was Regen Duel Gundam E from beginning last year and abandon afterward I got stuck (photo above) with ideas all the time. This is why I hate HG 1/100 scale so much. Don’t get me wrong, I personally like the Seed VS Astray series. It just that squeezing in more for room improvement is the hardest part.

The Regen Duel Gundam E actually already 70% complete. Yesterday I spent few hours on the 30% remaining revising on the weaponry and sees if possible further tweak making good use on the existing left over Nix Providence parts. Everything is now ready and next week will be final paint spraying. Hopefully the existing spray paint in stocks is enough to complete my work. One of my Frame Arms misses one black paint and had to put on hold until the new stock arrive at the local shop. =_=;;

28 July, 2014

DIY Home Network Attached Storage Project #2

With the success finding the LGA775 motherboard, my next hunt will be computer casing. One problem was my disappearance senses of hunting computer parts really drive me a bit crazy. There are simply a lot of brands and nice styling designs out these days. Since I am building custom NAS system, my primary requirement will be quiet and have better cooling feature.

24 July, 2014

Gentei Kits Shop Review

Premium Bandai hobby toys are nowadays a must hunt among the collectors. While majority buyers know their way round getting it from GK Gundam Kit that based in Hong Kong. There are times you may miss the opportunity pre-order or fully booked and even went out of stocks.

Sure, we can search through Japanese shops using Rakuten system. But some shops may not shipped internationally and require to pay more using Tenso forwarder services. I can guarantee you that buyers might even encounter higher mark up amount can’t be acceptable. Gentei Kits may be your last location to seek out.

17 July, 2014

DIY Home Network Attached Storage Project #1

Building network-attached storage system is something I wanted to do a long time. The existing computer parts that I use for Linux OS are simply outdated which limited to 32bit software. Having hardware able to support both 64bit and over 4GB memory ram including SATA Hard disk drive are always best choice.

Since I already have Intel Pentium processor (less than BND$20.00 at eBay) and 4GB DDR3 memory ram I got from Kingston reward in the past. My first task is to find an affordable Intel LGA775 motherboard suitable for use for NAS build and allow possible further upgrade.

Finding LGA775 motherboard is very challenging and tricky in Brunei. I want to have a convenience way when it comes sending for hardware warranty so I willing to support the local market. However, my only condition is as long the prices are reasonable with good warranty. Turns out not the case and some of them dare took advantage quoting me outrageous price for special order, which is nearly 50% mark up. I simply cannot accept such amount that makes no sense scaring me away entirely as customer. It’s more like I am buying at eBay of some sort. If they think using the statement “because it’s an old motherboard” would affect on me, they are just huge mistake.

Of course, there are alternative ways to get. I don’t plan to get the second hand from eBay because the demand for LGA775 model will continue to exist in the market at least for another one more year I estimate. So I have to look into Malaysia market with my friends help. Finally a long patience wait, I got ASROCK G41C-GS R2.0 in hand with very good price cover with three years warranty.

The motherboard itself is new designs revisions that support both DDR2/DDR3 memory ram up to 8GB that meets the requirement needed to build a nice NAS system. It really does pack a lot of nice stuffs for such value so I think better off getting another one as backup for my gaming rig in case something happen in the future once I have enough budget.

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