25 January, 2015

Unbelievable New Monthly Rates is Bullshit

Telbru says they made 40% cheaper rate for all. You know what? I call that bullshit. I don’t see how much cheaper it going to cost us rather I find hard to believe they would even go as far after businesses putting together with home into same boat with quota limit. The fuck with home plans starting price BND199.00 for unlimited quota is entirely absurd.

Their intention is so clear targeting the heavy usage customers and just wants more money. This is not about cost saving from the start but to control usage. The disappointment looking at my 3.5Mbps plan only have 150GB quota limit is sad. I don’t even see these numbers are enough to last two weeks running Youtube streaming, normal downloads, sync data and Steam games for me. If I include torrent, it guarantees less than a week.

This is really headache for me right now as well when I am working as IT Technician who need to lookout for downloads for the latest software (especially Microsoft) and virus definition updates (weekly). My usage normally are quite high so I have no choice but to minimize these download at home starting on March. Just hope my company get the unlimited quota so I can have no worry to download updating the software.

I do feel Telbru should have asked us for a survey. I doubt they even don’t bother in the first place and just simply move forward the plan since they are the only internet service provider in Brunei. So they can do whatever they want. I kinda hate their response argument too in the Facebook the information they provided are basically just assumptions, nothing more. While they mention you won’t get disconnect or any extra charges after using up the quota, you will instead getting bandwidth throttling by 20%. What they show in their graph doesn’t even look like 20% a bit. 80% more likely to say. Again, nothing we can do much about it and just suck it up moving on.

17 January, 2015

Gundam Thunderbolt New MS Units!

Man, the author never fail to amaze me with his new work. I can’t wait to collect all of his manga!

11 January, 2015

Happy Bad Start 2015!

Yeah, it is to me. Life is always the 1st of everything. So for the bad start for this month, I sent my 24+ year old Toyota Corolla Wagon vehicle for full checkup since the Chinese New Year is coming next month.

The inspection on the faulty parts (last year engine) was quite bad on the front. The steering bush almost broken and the effect wear out the tires side rubber. The repair costs repairing and replacing parts are definitely going to be killing half my salary. Luckily, the mechanic boss told me the existing absorbers are good in condition after they done more testing. Still, the rest will continue to be fixing and replace even if there are extra faulty parts found.

Not like I had a lot of money in hand or at bank. My way of keeping the old car in good working condition mustn’t just fixing one by one concept mind just to cut costs. Replacing all the necessary faulty parts in one goal always recommended no matter if there even just minor problem to me. This practice actually helps you save your budget for long term maintenance cost.

Another bad start, from this year on ward there will be fewer Transformers toys and Gundam kits order online. I am reviewing what to keep and which will be remove in the HLJ listing to cut down the spending further if not needed. It was hard decision and sad but I just need to keep thinking the money is on the old car for now and future funding on the courses for finding better jobs.

27 December, 2014

Learning Second Skill Target for 2015

After a really long considerations, I decided to involved in HSE occupation. This is only the job seeking backup plan I can think of more suitable finding new job in Brunei for me. Although the HSE course fees are not cheap, but compared to IT courses, the long term investment are much more cost-saving for further training and qualification.

This year of finding IT Technician position is basically so dead in the local market and only got one interview so far. Well, no hope at all. As long you don't have high level skills and qualifications paper in hand. Big companies don't bother to look at you nowadays.

Its too stressful continue finding the right IT courses and studying nowadays with my current salary. It's too hard to funds and too hard to catch up with the juniors. Not an excuse but the truth. Today world are not like the past. Qualification papers are necessary tool to seeks for better paid. I do feel like my IT time is over and without questioning further. I already started studying NEBOSH International General Certificate books which I borrow from friends.

People told me it's easy to qualify and the certificate. I just don't buy the story. I know myself when comes to capability in learning. I decided to take it slowly and understand the basics before jumping to the harder level since the course going to cost BND2,500.00.

20 December, 2014

Brunei Plamo Challenge 2014

Well, as mention before I didn't join the competitions. I do want to state that the photos posted here was only taken on Saturday (13th December). There are more on the last day so I miss out quite a lot of the participants. Next time I going on the last day as long my busy schedules are clear.

19 December, 2014

Microsoft Brunei Finally Making Move

Just when you thought Microsoft Brunei encourage its customers to get the genuine products to prevent Malware attack or whatsoever you might encounter on the internet these past few days. Today they made a new headline warning the local retailers to cease continuing selling pirated copies of their products. Otherwise, they may (will) face legal action.

Its been quite long after they took one of the company to court few years ago. But that stunt didn't even budge the local computer shops or companies ever since. Well, all you cunts starting from now need to pay more attention because Microsoft Brunei will start monitor and lookout for those ignore their warning.

To be honest, I do support their move. Even its very late decision at this stage. Still, I am fucking happy this is happening because it going keep my current job more control and preventing users over abuse the pirating software especially Microsoft Office, Projects and Visio. I am so tired dealing ignorance bunch of cunts not understanding the problem using pirating software that can't be update to fix bugs. Next year is going to be interesting and I want to see how my boss going to deal with these.

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