10 January, 2016

Toy Collectors Slowly Target by Thieves?

Have you ever worry and question about this issue? I did and somewhat happening. My modeling beat up dirty toolbox just got snatched for no reason and not even single things you can say its valuable. It really caught me off guard seeing my Gunpla cabinet gets open this morning. Hard to say if this any related to drug abuse thieves wanted to find thinner to sniff. Geez....Why my toolbox?
Looking at how the thieves' behavior searching my cabinet in our home front entrance (inside). He/she knew what they trying to look for. The toolbox inside contain, the sand papers, filers, cutter, brass rod, thinner, cement or whatever I can remember. This stuffs already cost me between BND60-70.00+. Luckily I separate the most of the tools into different storage boxes earlier to prevent minimum losses. Now I have to guess when the thieves might going struck our house again and this is worrying what we might lost next.

No doubt the toy collections are already popular these days especially when we looking at mint in seal box (MSIB) that worth more than a hundred to a thousand in the market. If the thieves are smart and starting to realize, probably they are going to after it in the future. Seems like I have to invest security tech for home soon.

06 January, 2016

My 2016 Resolution

When my friends talk about what is our New Year resolution plan during outing, mine is all about saving and time to completely slow down buying new toys. I had to admit my room is getting smaller stashing all the Gunpla and Lego which is getting more problematic. There are plans to sort this out but my trip to Hua Ho department store getting storage rack was cancel due to huge spending during holiday (last year) so got to on hold for a while see till next month. The Transformers still have some room, but I’m trying some luck to get rid few of them and stay off buying using USD for the mean time.
Right now, finding way to lock out my saving is the top priority. It just in Brunei, there are hardly a safe way financing a saving and of course only small returns. But if you are low income person, jump into non-risk free plan is like committing suicide because we always think earning big buck fast way. So better be safe than sorry and I already learned hard lesson losing unnecessary saving on risk investment.
Let’s hope the best for all new 2016.

Gunpla Works - Gundam Aeolus

Old work from last year, nothing much to explain since I am doing some experiments on colors and mixed with left over parts. I quite liking the results.

27 December, 2015

Lightning Bawoo (BTC Competition Entry)

Lightning Bawoo is my third entry for the local Gunpla competition this year. This kit took me three months to build and constant revised. Not really a satisfied work, again and again, the spray painting quality went wrong. But I tried to correct the problem by focusing some area improving on the parts color. This actually helps a lot hiding the mistake during work in progress. I will put out some history log and photos how I implement the Lighting Back into Bawoo.

As for now I will need to clear some backlog photos I forget to upload previously. You can check all the previous work at my I.Model Kits Works page for links.

25 December, 2015

Brunei Toy Convention 2015 (December Event)

Finally, my new chair has arrived! Now I can properly sit without hurting my back while typing. Let’s start off my trip to Brunei Hobby Convention (BTC) event on December 12th. Again, same place but with more toy vendors showing up in the event. As always for me, when you get use to buying online. You would hardly want to get locally. It just that day I couldn’t find anything that interest me at all. Sorry to say their stocks are almost the same as previous. So I decided to focus buying new comfortable chair and running shoe instead which already cost BND300.00+.
As for the Gunpla competition, I didn’t participate this time around. Not like I don’t have kit to join but I just not satisfy my current work and trying out some option parts for old kit modifications including finding recent issue on the spray painting. I will post up my new test work coming this next week for closing the year 2015 works as well my previous participation kit for BTC event.
Take note. The photos and the plastic kits competitions are not taken on the last day. So you won’t find the newer and last minute submission works in the photos. As much I like to go on the last day, all I can say flu suddenly struck first and the next day I knew coughing and terrible fever came. Hardly had any good night sleep and once better I had to worry about rushing to close my maintenance works because I was down for two days.
Anyway, click read more to check out the photos I took at the event! Happy holiday and merry Christmas to all!

22 November, 2015

Migrate to Open Media Vault (OMV) NAS

My Ubuntu server crash last month for unknown reason. After some investigation finding out Ubuntu the latest update break the server, I am trying to get it restores hard. Almost 80% of my data in the main drive corrupted even when running RAID 1 setup. It is unimaginable update can do so much damage.

I decided to gave up reinstalling Ubuntu server since I have to reconfigure remote access and reinstall most of the software again. Why not just jump into NAS OS this time. FreeNAS doesn't work well for me previously so I tried Rockstor. However, it didn't work as well for some reason trying to get the installer to load. Without wasting too much time finding solution. I made final choice going look back at Open Media Vault (OMV).

The OMV installation was fast and easy to set up, this time I decided to install directly into 160GB SATA HDD which I plan to migrate into SSD drive in the future once solving the hard disk space issue first. The only problem I encounter was OMV plugins were somewhat limited. This is due to the copyright related so you have to find another way. OMV Extra. Once installed, those removed plugins will be made available.

So far the OMV is running great after I am familiar with the configurations and testing.The only thing I will be avoiding is updating and delaying at least three or one month cycle before applying. This is just to avoid having another unexpected crash.

07 November, 2015

Back to Square One (Again)

Probably starting this month I may have more time on blogging. There are a lot of topics in mind still pending to start writing. It just my back pain is holding me off quite often than ever and can’t sit too long. The existing chair is so lousy built and needed to get replace with more comfortable chair. That will be when the Salebration begin next month on 19th.

Now, what going on with my life? Bad. Local companies are suffering and now all about retrenchment. Ours no exception and recently our department get targeted, it's not so good news. I didn't join the meeting, however, according to my colleagues. The conversation is stupid and one of the head want majority of us to start doing sales. I myself already had trouble keeping track on the current jobs. Not to mention I originally hired as IT Support Technician and there's no account for successful income sales. So what's in for me then?

All I can say, most of us will be out of jobs sooner or later if there's no business improvement coming beginning next year. For me becoming unemployed going to be problem because I got no IT certification except previous Windows Server 2012 training I took upon myself. Having just only skills is not enough and it's time to step ahead taking CompTIA A+ exam. It's a risk, this is why I decided go slowly on reading and find more study material online for a while choosing the right timing next year taking the exam since CompTIA updated in the official website with new A+ exam code.

10 October, 2015

Money Control Year

Well, definitely not a good year for almost everyone. Brunei oil and gas business hit even hard harder every month and price of the foods rise at grocery stores. Trying to fight hard on saving and made a good decision not to travel. Fuck I missed Japan trip!

Nobody knows when you might be next jobless victim. So better regret the fun at the moment and start having backup money in the bank are best option. Despite working a lot of effort putting money into the saving every months and less spending on toys. Both August and September took almost half just from car servicing. Damn, always these two months every year. I definitely got stress out pretty bad by it.

My mom especially is freaking stubborn and sometimes deserved some scolding to wake her up. The worst one was trying to force my nephew gave up his SG50 Lego set by giving to me. I am seriously loss of words finding out and really put me in a bad position as an uncle who only want to know if his school can made any purchase. It is unimaginable my mother would do such a thing. She just lucky my brother didn't find out about this.

Another issue is she just can't stop talking about how I missed my trip to Japan. I'm not sure if she already old or probably just stays too long in Singapore without realizing our situation in Brunei now. I just avoid her and walk off when she starts repeating the shits. Although its rude to your own mother, it has to be done from time to time avoiding family quarrels. I already had my goal in mind getting a house. Misses my travel or not, doesn't matter anymore when you got no roof of your own.
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