13 May, 2016

WD RED 2.0TB Arrival for My Home Custom NAS

Finally, my long awaited first Western Digital 2.0TB RED has arrived! Yeah, I know its stupid making a big deal out of it. But hey, this is WD RED version we are talking about and not to mention the most reasonable price in Brunei. Of course, you need friends and sources in order to avoid getting chop.
Now, why using ‘chop’ word in my writing? First of all, I have been holding the anger when the local computer shops claimed to be distributor for the brand they are selling would cost around BND180+ to 260+ (NAS version) for 2.0TB? The Thailand flood was already long over and even before global oil price fell happen. Higher US dollar exchange rate won’t affect too much to the pricing, not to mention we don’t have GST tax (yet).
In order to find out some sense to this pricing issue, I asked few of my friends working in local computer shops why would they go such extent to price like that? Simple answer, others do it we all follow. Sad to say, they underestimate the power of internet and the attitude ‘you can go elsewhere’ no longer applied these days to the customers. Of course, building good relation with customers is another way keeping business going. But if you can’t sell, it becomes an eyesore stocks and don’t forget there are distributor limited time warranty as well. If the customer can’t get their 2 years warranty claim after register online, you better be ready for cash refund.
I admit, not all local prices are terrible. Currently both 500GB and 1.0TB for both internal and portable are listed acceptable price. Sooner or later, the 2.0TB HDD (mind you, 3.5” size) will consider standard storage size in the market thanks to the blooming affordable NAS file server. I was surprised internal 1.0TB HDD already start replacing 500GB and ridiculously low price in Singapore. So how will local computer shops going to play out. It’s hard to see at the moment. I for sure will not buy from them (except my friend) if they don’t do anything about the overpriced starter 2TB HDD first.

01 May, 2016

Telbru Giving Free 10GB Anniversary

This morning I was shock when received Telbru email message saying I have 50% quota left. At first could be the torrent but it was impossible because I disable and block others using torrent at their PC. Secondly, some suspicious someone hacked into my router. No other mac address found in the list. So my last is to call immediately to report the issue. Well, it appears that Telbru giving a free 10GB quota for its anniversary. I’m not sure for anyone else but it was good. Still, the message need somewhat better way to separately its top-up quota warning in order to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

16 April, 2016

Super Robot Wars OG: Gesterben Kwai [Serena]

I never had a chance to collect Gespenst Mk-II when Kotobukiya released back in 2009 even missing out Gesterben (Dengeki Shop Limited). Now I got Gesterben Kwai and sitting in the top shelve for almost two years. Why not take the challenge to refresh my mind since getting stuck and frustrating working on the Gunpla kits without new ideas.
As much I understand when looking at the manual and compared at Dalong.Net, Gesterben Kwai was basically reused mod from the first released Gespenst Mk-II (2009). This means the content inside not only featuring new parts but the old Gespenst parts as well which is the reason why it so expensive. Since this is also my first time building it so there’s need to be careful self procedure in place. The first steps right now are cut, sanding and straight assemble.
The four days progress so far is good except slight errors on the shoulder armor that create for lining. I need to fix by applying putty to the lining but that will be later plan. The completion assembling for all the remaining parts are almost done. The next steps will be adding new option parts details and custom weapons unit from Kotobukiya. There’s need in some modifications after finding out few parts are quite weak. Hopefully nothing breaks during the work because I don’t have any single sources to find replacement parts from Kotobukiya to ship internationally.

31 March, 2016

Gunpla This GM Quel New Arm Workshop

I finally went to restock the stolen tools last month and this week too from the local top shop in KB. But bad news guys, the price of the spray paints now cost extra 50 cent! I think the tools follow so I just choose those that needed first for the work. The remaining stuffs had to buy separately every each month onward for the sake of budget control.

Ever since my spray paints went dry at the same time unable to continue the current work. I decided to take times and play around with the Bandai Builder Arms Arm. Many of you know the movable joints are very useful parts that can help many older HG/HGUC kit arms breathing new life. I pretty sure there are guides already out in the internet teaching how to implement. But not all kits are the same and my challenge was HGUC RGM-79Q GM Quel.

I completed four Advance of Zeta Gunpla kit previously and all gave me same headache on the painting in the arms. I couldn’t figure other way rather using masking tape method during painting. Unlike the revised GM Kai and GM Custom arm moving part, they are more flexible and can be separate for easy painting. In order to solve the problem, the Builder Arms Arm had to come in. You can check out the photos below to see how I modify allowing inserting new movable joint. Note: the top is final and below is using plastic plate creating L shape.

Not as good as the original movable joints found in the newer Gunpla. Still, it turns out pretty good and now able to paints separately. But wait! How about the shoulder part connection to it? Did I drill, insert plastic pipe and glue? The answer is no.

I find the method risky and higher chance damaging the kits itself if not careful. This is where the Wave Pla-Support option parts come to play safe. The photo below is the 3mm T pipe version I put on shoulder part (compatible to all existing HGUC AOZ series). Perfect fit, just cut the right length and your new rotating arm is good to go.

The Wave Pla-Support option parts come with different size from 2mm to 5mm and only cost 240YEN. You really can’t beat the price and amazed how usefulness its option parts can do. The below is another Wave sample picture in case you having hard time looking in the online shops. Happy Gunpla!

12 March, 2016

Yet Another Controversy for Brunei Citizenship Unanswered

Again and again, another repeated unanswered coming from the Home Affairs Minister handling the Brunei citizenship issue at LegCo sessions (news). Well, it’s now official we no longer matter to the country. I read the voices in the BT article today and I agree. The minister should have just give us a yes or no answer if we are qualified for citizenship. Lets us know we fail in the exam and require retaking. That way, no one will continue to question and pressing for answer every years. At least we know what the next steps to take, even the Government employees no longer get to annoyed by us.

But these never happen for so many years. The issue continue to dance. They can’t fool us an exam papers require more than three years to review. Background check needed for so long? Get real. Either way, they may have some sort of grudge against us or thinking us as a threat in the country. Not like its hard to imagine. Before the global oil prices crisis started, many local and PR business already start suffering two years ago. Who’s fault? Well....secret!

If they truly think this is the good way damaging the livelihood on other race, majority of us will continue to move on despite the terrible outcome ahead. Don’t be fool by nonsense becoming a Muslim will grant you citizenship too. It won’t. So stop wasting time and start moving on. Money is now the highest priority in life and everyone need backup plan during difficulty time this year. I myself have to worry how to deal with my fucking car exhaust pipe broken few days.

02 March, 2016

The Maxima Fox Hound

Damn Bandai have to come up some new parts making Ez-SR-Maxima sick this year. Now they decided to bring in another into the family, the Ez-SR-Fox Hound. The only different are new Shadow Phantom head and sniper barrel. Take note also, Maxima will released only in Japan as Hobby Pro-Shop exclusive and Fox Hound will be P-Bandai exclusive. Damn them!

I really love both of them and definitely will try to hunt it down no matter what despite facing high probability in increase of standard of living, pay cut and even possible jobless. I already save quite a bit and managing my budget hard so I think can spare a few. Heh!

14 February, 2016

CNY Holiday Over For Me

Just like that. A blink on the eye and the holiday leave is over. I didn’t go anywhere and visit during Chinese New Year. Some of my relatives and cousins choose to travel. I didn’t and even think about it at the moment. Only my sister went to Singapore to met up with my mom and brother family. The only things I did at home is playing online games and catching up with the TV series I miss.

To be honest, I no longer really understand how to enjoy life anymore and more like avoiding for some reason. This is fucking terrible and finding what I am fearing for something that I couldn’t understand this whole week resting. I can say for one that hunt me these days is doesn’t have your own home are the most frustrating and stressful part in life. Probably I need to start working out tomorrow and continue my Gunpla work next week clearing off my mind before this shit start distracting me.

13 February, 2016

Why We Should Install and Learn How to Use LibreOffice in Brunei

First of all, it's a top free office suite on the internet today that provide much of the features needed to get things started. Why spend money buying Microsoft Office when you don’t really use often? Retail version only allow installed 1 PC and doesn’t get other access to their Cloud features service. Mind you, this applied to their latest collaboration (version 2016) feature for businesses. Your only choice is purchase subscription plan. Of course, it may sound like you save money in a long term. Again, ask yourself, do you really needed this Cloud features using at home? Not unless you work at home often.

It just a shame that not many local users knows about LibreOffice. Reason is simple, Microsoft is dominated the market in Brunei. You can say 99.9% of the schools, public, private sector, oil and gas industries and even Government sector uses Microsoft Office. This is why almost everyone here overlook free office suite. 

I will cut short talking about LibreOffice history. All you need to know this is an overhaul version from OpenOffice code base. No fancy ribbon menu or whatsoever you going to find. It still onto friendly and clean classic menu style. The reason is simple, they want to make sure the users able to easily access the most use features in LibreOffice. 

There are doubt and controversial about today document formats issue but so far I hardly encounter the problem myself working with Word and Excel documents between my office desktop and own laptop on site from the DropBox. The Document Foundation teams (and volunteers) have done remarkably by providing monthly update release that bring bug fixes and improvements. You can say working with Microsoft document formats slowly becoming less headache. In case you wonder, LibreOffice does have feature working remote files directly in Google Drive, One Drive etc. 

As always, it is recommended to save a copy of OpenDocument Format (ODF) before creating different format. You don’t have to worry about Microsoft Office playing tricks not supporting the format. They have to but not in a good way and basically not LibreOffice issue. Why? As you may not know, LibreOffice actually has being seen various mass deployment by the companies, schools and Governments worldwide. Taiwan was the latest country migrating to ODF/LibreOffice last year. Can you imagine how pissed and unhappy Microsoft nowadays? You can check out the ‘Migrating Libreoffice in Taiwan’ story by Franklin Weng to understand better. 

I do not know if our Government follows the news or even interested adopting free and open source software into their office. But I think its important they start looking as it can pave way for future cost cutting solutions. Same goes for the private schools communities if they planned to tighten up their budget saving yearly. More importantly, another way helping low income parents to save money without needing to buy Microsoft Office for their children to do homework or projects. LibreOffice features already provide sufficient needs. 

While I do admit LibreOffice has long way to go and limitation on its own comparing with Microsoft Office 2016. Microsoft continue stand strong selling to companies especially their latest Cloud and collaboration features. You won’t find the features in LibreOffice. Good news is, they are going to bring it this year. With the support from the Government around the world moving towards LibreOffice. This definitely going to be huge threat to Microsoft, which means more competition and option to offer. So I suggest everyone should start installed and learn LibreOffice. Who knows one day you will be working in some company or Government sectors using LibreOffice where Microsoft Office is not available.
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