Pushing Locals to Private Companies Using Money?

This topic is quite a hit recently regarding the issue not hiring enough locals working with private companies in Brunei last year. Because of this, Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency (APTK) introduce a financial incentives scheme to all private companies by encouraging or recruiting locals to work there.

What’s the advantage of this new scheme benefit for both local jobless and the private companies? According to Brudirect, it offering by providing allowance of $5 daily during skills training, 65 per cent financial incentives while undergoing on-the-job training and bonus of $1,000 in the first year and $1,500 for working for two years in permanent employment.

Although it didn’t describe if PR as well getting this benefits, to me, it sound like the Government is doing the same spoiling game again what we see today. So familiar that it’s giving free allowances every month encouraging graduate students continue going to local colleges and UBD completing their studies.

I am no economist or business expert. But I did found a few interesting video for research and help me to understand better the effect of this might bring in the future.

Steven Levitt - Why Incentives Don't Work

Does Money Motivate?

My colleagues brought up this topic today in the office and yes, had a bit argument as they attend the talks knowing everything’s. This also proving me wrong thinking negatively and even claims the Governments are actually doing good things. To me is bullshit and not entirely good sign at all.

Why? There are loopholes to this system. For examples, rewarding to those with no motivation, no willing improve performance, lazy and understanding purpose of their jobs. These guys are going to walk away free bonus from the Government and salaries just for enduring training for one year, then another staying in the second years. How about third years? The worst cases, people can either becomes de-motivate and no longer concern about their future once they received the rewards.

Of course the working environment can affect people minds if the private companies have lack of managements, communications, forcing multitask jobs and bad developments which already lasted for so long. It’s easy to say everyone working for money just to survive. Realize this, not many nowadays gives a shit anymore if they are getting higher pay or not. If treated badly at work, resign and off you go for looking better place and future.

I have to work at least 7 years under $700 without any single allowances and TAP in everyday mentally stress situation. I don’t really think there are many like me these days wanted to suffer shits. That’s why you can see people quit and disappear few days later. The Governments may have force the companies to paid TAP. It doesn’t mean us expecting any good rise yearly from every local private company unless you continue certify yourself on courses.

The Eve & First day of CNY 2012


Boring as usual, there aren’t much celebrating going on this year. The Chinese temple in KB didn’t get the approval letter doing any mini performance and long shooting fireworks on the countdown eve day. As suspected, apparently they pissed off the head of the police officer last year so everything not going too well. Visitors and tourist’s fun expectation turn to shit, so sorry about that.

Of course this have to blame the owner for the lack of traffic controls and unable moved the locals ignorance drivers causing road blockage even making the ambulance unable to pass through during the critical time. Did they learn their lesson is way beyond my reach. Hopefully next year we can expect better for celebration in KB.


Again, repeating the same scenario from last and even few years back. But this time, I find Chinese New Year is now part of sadness thing in life. Maybe it didn’t happen around you (yet), now we sees misses people and less happy mood then before.

Two of my aunt’s pass away really changes the people happiness into sorrow. My uncle cry during the eve sudden remembering his wife and how loneliness going to be without her. Another is my mom sister, which I still can remember the enjoyment we had storming (visiting) into her house eating and happy chatting every CNY. Now we don’t get that anymore and able to experience this. Really find it strange.

Not that this year is bad or something. I am happy continue getting red packets from cousins and relatives. It just that something important has been missing in your life when you start looking and seeing hard unacceptable changes around you. I do know everyone of us have to move forward and face the future. No matter what, stay strong as always telling myself.

GONG XI FA CHAI to all Chinese community in Brunei and around the world!

CNY Room Cleaning? Let it be!

Ha! Every year before Chinese New year, I would start doing room cleaning on Saturday or Sunday. Somehow, this year I don’t feel like doing it now. I have been thinking for some change so I prefer doing them altogether at one go.

Finding nice furniture’s in Brunei is fucking hard these days. Court Furniture is no go for me especially the KB sales lady are bitches who love fucking up customers moods. If IKEA is opening officially in Brunei, I definitely ride there even it’s located in capital. Not saying you can’t find here, but damn the Mata Mata quoting the price so high something’s when it comes to furniture’s.

As far I concern now, I must starts looking display shelves for my toys. The dusts are annoying and no way to prevent it. I also need to replace the office table to simple type with no drawer beside my leg and cabinet for my slowly build up manga collections.

People and friends have always recommended me to go down Miri to find. For me it’s very inconvenient when you are not familiar with the place, not to mention trust. So I prefer buying at the local.

Jim Jeffries–Alcoholocaust

Warning! First of all, there are plenty of swearing and offensive materials especially on religious in this video. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Don’t complain in the end that I never warned you!

Powered Zaku II F2

This is the final Gunpla 2011 work that I haven’t posted up yet. First of all, consider these my first experience combining both 1/100 and 1/144 size together. I never had done it before so it’s a good learning new thing and testing. The Zaku II parts you see here is the first released MG 1.0 I got from ten years plus. None painted with few broken and missing parts. The original plan is to repair and modifications. However, I choose to assemble it to the HGUC Zaku II F2 instead.

I do have to admit there are few errors and mistake made during of the works. So the color is the keys for covering up the ugly side. Another problem is the weight on both legs booster. It affects the movement and posing because it’s simply too heavy which of course adding the aftermarket beam pipe putting in more. So far, the back packs is okay and I love the overall looks.

Super Robot Chogokin SRC Photo Contest

Alright to you guys owing Super Robot Chogokin toy lines. Good news! ishop2go.com yesterday organize a photo contest for you collectors to get a chance winning prizes and discount (T&C apply) including one time 10% discount shop at their store. If you are interested, head over there for more information and rules how to join or watch the video I embedded here.

I haven’t owned any Super Robot Chogokin so I won’t be joining the photo shoots. Do note that the closing is end of this month so start shooting and good luck!


I am thinking about pre-ordering this limited version of the MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE THE EURO FRONT book with limited EF-2000 Typhoon figure. Somehow I am holding back so bad because of REVOLTECH producing it. If they contain Kotobukiya plastic kit, I definitively put my money down. But it isn’t.

The limited version basically just repainted to white color base on the upcoming EF-2000 Typhoon Wilfried Eichberger release next month! Nothing special, no new stuffs and the weapons remain all the same. Don’t get me wrong, I like MUV-LUV mecha. Revoltech is just so not my taste.

Not sure if you noticing, don’t you think most of the limited version books released are from Revoltech? I guess their brand is slowly failing in the market so probably the publishers are getting cheaper contracts to produce together.

The New Restart 2012

Wow! It was just so fast facing new day and year suddenly. Hopefully, something might happen and good change in my life this year. For the bad, most of it is from works and next month going to renewing road tax and insurance for my KIA Sportage. Damn fast one year old, hope the insurance not going to be very expensive. Arggg….

As for the toys, this year is going to be amazing blowing my money off. There are lots of great mecha and plastic toys recently announced especially the Gunpla and 3rd party Transformers. Luckily most of the pre-order going to be listed on March (finger cross). So still have two months to go.

Although I always said to myself stop spending on Gunpla. Things just never work out. The Gunpla now in my room are not different than the last two years, same numbers and size. Since this few months going to be Gundam Seed fever, I am going to begin working on Seed VS Astray tomorrow. I already had done working on Powered Zaku II F2 today, just need more touch up finishing the job.

Oh and I forget! Happy New Year! For now next worry is preparing stocking up CNY stuffs.