Powered Zaku II F2

This is the final Gunpla 2011 work that I haven’t posted up yet. First of all, consider these my first experience combining both 1/100 and 1/144 size together. I never had done it before so it’s a good learning new thing and testing. The Zaku II parts you see here is the first released MG 1.0 I got from ten years plus. None painted with few broken and missing parts. The original plan is to repair and modifications. However, I choose to assemble it to the HGUC Zaku II F2 instead.

I do have to admit there are few errors and mistake made during of the works. So the color is the keys for covering up the ugly side. Another problem is the weight on both legs booster. It affects the movement and posing because it’s simply too heavy which of course adding the aftermarket beam pipe putting in more. So far, the back packs is okay and I love the overall looks.


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