CNY Room Cleaning? Let it be!

Ha! Every year before Chinese New year, I would start doing room cleaning on Saturday or Sunday. Somehow, this year I don’t feel like doing it now. I have been thinking for some change so I prefer doing them altogether at one go.

Finding nice furniture’s in Brunei is fucking hard these days. Court Furniture is no go for me especially the KB sales lady are bitches who love fucking up customers moods. If IKEA is opening officially in Brunei, I definitely ride there even it’s located in capital. Not saying you can’t find here, but damn the Mata Mata quoting the price so high something’s when it comes to furniture’s.

As far I concern now, I must starts looking display shelves for my toys. The dusts are annoying and no way to prevent it. I also need to replace the office table to simple type with no drawer beside my leg and cabinet for my slowly build up manga collections.

People and friends have always recommended me to go down Miri to find. For me it’s very inconvenient when you are not familiar with the place, not to mention trust. So I prefer buying at the local.


  1. Try Deli in BSB if its convenient for you.
    Its cheap(er) and nice the furniture there!
    KB not much choices. Courts not so nice and Shin Hwa too expensive

  2. Thx for the suggestion! when i brought this topic to my friends, they also asked me to check out Deli there. i will drop by there soon when i do a visit.


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