The Eve & First day of CNY 2012


Boring as usual, there aren’t much celebrating going on this year. The Chinese temple in KB didn’t get the approval letter doing any mini performance and long shooting fireworks on the countdown eve day. As suspected, apparently they pissed off the head of the police officer last year so everything not going too well. Visitors and tourist’s fun expectation turn to shit, so sorry about that.

Of course this have to blame the owner for the lack of traffic controls and unable moved the locals ignorance drivers causing road blockage even making the ambulance unable to pass through during the critical time. Did they learn their lesson is way beyond my reach. Hopefully next year we can expect better for celebration in KB.


Again, repeating the same scenario from last and even few years back. But this time, I find Chinese New Year is now part of sadness thing in life. Maybe it didn’t happen around you (yet), now we sees misses people and less happy mood then before.

Two of my aunt’s pass away really changes the people happiness into sorrow. My uncle cry during the eve sudden remembering his wife and how loneliness going to be without her. Another is my mom sister, which I still can remember the enjoyment we had storming (visiting) into her house eating and happy chatting every CNY. Now we don’t get that anymore and able to experience this. Really find it strange.

Not that this year is bad or something. I am happy continue getting red packets from cousins and relatives. It just that something important has been missing in your life when you start looking and seeing hard unacceptable changes around you. I do know everyone of us have to move forward and face the future. No matter what, stay strong as always telling myself.

GONG XI FA CHAI to all Chinese community in Brunei and around the world!


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