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Pushing Locals to Private Companies Using Money?

This topic is quite a hit recently regarding the issue not hiring enough locals working with private companies in Brunei last year. Because of this, Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency (APTK) introduce a financial incentives scheme to all private companies by encouraging or recruiting locals to work there.

What’s the advantage of this new scheme benefit for both local jobless and the private companies? According to Brudirect, it offering by providing allowance of $5 daily during skills training, 65 per cent financial incentives while undergoing on-the-job training and bonus of $1,000 in the first year and $1,500 for working for two years in permanent employment.

Although it didn’t describe if PR as well getting this benefits, to me, it sound like the Government is doing the same spoiling game again what we see today. So familiar that it’s giving free allowances every month encouraging graduate students continue going to local colleges and UBD completing their studies.

I am no economist or business expert. But I did found a few interesting video for research and help me to understand better the effect of this might bring in the future.

Steven Levitt - Why Incentives Don't Work

Does Money Motivate?

My colleagues brought up this topic today in the office and yes, had a bit argument as they attend the talks knowing everything’s. This also proving me wrong thinking negatively and even claims the Governments are actually doing good things. To me is bullshit and not entirely good sign at all.

Why? There are loopholes to this system. For examples, rewarding to those with no motivation, no willing improve performance, lazy and understanding purpose of their jobs. These guys are going to walk away free bonus from the Government and salaries just for enduring training for one year, then another staying in the second years. How about third years? The worst cases, people can either becomes de-motivate and no longer concern about their future once they received the rewards.

Of course the working environment can affect people minds if the private companies have lack of managements, communications, forcing multitask jobs and bad developments which already lasted for so long. It’s easy to say everyone working for money just to survive. Realize this, not many nowadays gives a shit anymore if they are getting higher pay or not. If treated badly at work, resign and off you go for looking better place and future.

I have to work at least 7 years under $700 without any single allowances and TAP in everyday mentally stress situation. I don’t really think there are many like me these days wanted to suffer shits. That’s why you can see people quit and disappear few days later. The Governments may have force the companies to paid TAP. It doesn’t mean us expecting any good rise yearly from every local private company unless you continue certify yourself on courses.


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