TFCC Exclusive Over-Run & Drift Pre-Order Bail Out

The pre-order for Over-run (Runamuck) & Evil Drift suddenly went live yesterday morning at 6AM. I was awake at the time and reading at same hour. It was really hard decision thinking over the money and hit the check out without realizing going to spend over $200.00 for these damn toys.

Luckily the TFCC store credit card system crash with error due to the high volume orders once it went live. These give me more time to think and finally decided to bail out as well not renewing the membership this year.

Why did I make that decision? Simple, the TFCC pissed me off. Last year, I wasn’t even able to get any single order of Ramjet even becoming a member, thanks to the late e-mail pre-order notification and had to read the Transformers fan news site to know it went live.

Second problem, the TFCC store doesn’t give any other option choosing cheaper shipping method. This gives me a thought if G2 Ramjet were available at the time. This would probably cost more than masterpiece Transformers. How much? The shipping at least over US$60.00 for Express Mail International only two toys WITHOUT ANY BUBBLE WARPING! You need to pay US$3.50 for it! WTF? I am fine and safe with paying first class mail international fee. It never lost and rarely late experience. Yet TFCC still doesn’t want to offer this option.

Never mind that, the third and worst. My exclusive Side Burn wing almost breaks because of shitty cheap saving packing empty box with nothing inside protecting the toy. Yes, without ANYTHING! These guys really don’t know how to make its member happy. How expensive it was throwing in recycles or uses cheap packing foam. Hasbro is a big company and they can’t find any single recycle warping plastic or foam at the office? Seriously?

To be honest, I am really shock with such experience and not quite fun joining the membership. If you only aimed at only the yearly free exclusive figure with six bi-monthly full printed color magazines only for US$78.00 yearly. You can go for it. But if you plan on getting exclusive pre-order figure or others at the TFCC store, you better off not to unless you are rich, willing to pay for high amount shipping fee or living (study) in US. Maybe cheaper if you got friends there to work it out.


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