Another BRS Figma Limited from Blu-Ray/DVD Limited Revealed!

In case you (BRS fans) didn’t get to browse around lately for pre-order. Now there are new upcoming pre-order for limited production Black Rock Shooter new animation (currently airing) Blu-Ray/DVD box with Insane BRS Figma.

I have to admit this is really another gorgeous BRS figma. It is truly beautiful and details made. But I have to warned myself that this going to costme triple compare to the art book with limited BRS Beast figma I brought recently. Not only that, if I remember correctly including local custom 5% tax people!

Just a  word of advice, think carefully before you plan to blow your saving because recently the Japanese Yen did drop to 59 vs. 1 Brunei dollar/Singapore. So it might cost even more. I also did a double check again and there is another cheaper DVD/BD version with 4000 JPY less!

There is exclusive wall scroll include if you pre-order at Ami-Ami. But that set back extra 4000 JPY which doesn’t make any sense when the description says include. The rest of the bonus contents still remain in the BD BOX & DVD BOX are Insane BRS figma, huke originally drawn illustration used 3-sided box, original soundtrack, non-credit OP/ED, PV clip, other and lastly Booklet.

Happy hunting!


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