New Generation Jobless CV

I have no idea what are the youngest generations thinking nowadays in Brunei specially. Spoil jobless is another story even I’m not surprise finding fresh graduates quit the private company because unable to take the workload and stress. Dealing with Asshole and scumbags are also part of our everyday daily life. But seriously, never ever include something you are not supposed to say in the curriculum.

Recently I was looking at some job finders as many so desperate hoping someone might interest filling in the position. Things just get excited reading and burst out laughing so hard never imagine there are locals and PR really went so far putting unable to take stress positions and reveal why they quit the company due to the workload issues.

Guys, really? Even you are jobless and angrily quit the companies. You shouldn’t pull those stunts destroying your own image while looking for new jobs or better positions. No one gonna to hired you after reading that. The employers will definitely reject and never thinking twice to hired you in the future knowing you can’t take seriously. This can drag on especially those owning more than one company.

Oh my guts. Now I understand why many jobless are piling up that worst and so long these days. Geezz…


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