Reapplying Brunei Lost Land

Too busy lately and stress cleaning up my mom mess for preparing papers and letter for reapplying the lost land. Never ever believe any dumbass says you are automatically transferred to new land or the Government letter you didn’t receive should be ignore. You should always inquiries the status of your land application monthly and make sure the letter reach you.

My mom Sg Teraban land was already terminated by the BSP without knowing anything for three years. The letter didn’t arrive and stuck in the file. Three years late is totally a big blow to us and now no one knows if PR still able to get any land to build houses anymore. We can’t apply for national housing or even finding semi-detach housing that are affordable.

I don’t know what to do anymore so decide to drop by the land department and inquire for any possible way to apply for housing. As long you are not holding yellow IC, there are no solutions. Unless you are rich then those are definitely not going to be hard life.

The chief lady told me to tried reapply in the land department again. In case we might get land in Lumut. There’s a catch and needed a lot of procedures which also needed the Pengulu signature or recommendation. So it’s tricky situations going there and there. What I dislike one thing is buying the form gets silly question. It appears not many locals are please when I trying to apply for lands.

First respond I ever get hit by is what for applying for land when there are no more for you? That was harsh or way of attacking me in the morning. Not only that, she started asking me if I got the Pengulu approval letters to get the form. I was huh? As far my conversation with the chief, it never mention anything about require getting approval letter first before buying the form. I do not believe there are such procedure asking goes there and there.

It is obvious some kind of direct attack stopping me getting the form. I don’t really care much their behaviors and wasting time on pay back. I am worrying sick without getting any land for building our own family house. My mom already got cheated by the friends and wasted 10k on missing land already that no longer able to get any refund. I want to do this right and need good respond from the Government how they going to deal with this.


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