Green Frame HG 1/144 in Progress

Same as usual starting my work on Gunpla every Sunday which is the only free time I can spend. I will be continuing tomorrow as it was a public holiday for our country national day. What a good timing at Monday, but bad timing my paints run out and going to restock next month from HLJ.
Gundam Astray Green Frame doesn’t really have a lot of assembly parts compare to HGUC. I think I might be able to finish it by early next month so that I can begin my next Gunpla work. I already had done with the head and most of the inner parts. But I just need more sanding and review the colors I just saw earlier require some fix. Well, I guess the most surprising things I done today is finally decided to include eproxy putty on my work. It was quite easy and really handy for covering ugly holes. I somehow manage to done pretty good jobs on it and applied some on FG Rasiel kit too because I uses too much. Oh well, I’m a bitch somehow who can’t resist getting Rasiel kit.
IMG_3031 (640x461)
Anyway, continue to work the rest tomorrow.


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