The First Worst Rape Simulation Game

I don’t know you guys, but after reading one of the Kotaku post. It was totally unbelievable the Japanese game developer would go so far making rape simulation PC games call “RapeLay”. The parents will definitely goes berserk if their kids play this game. Not to mention that the game is already up in the torrent for quite a while. Too all parents out there, if you see your children download such game call Rapelay, you should stop them immediately and smack their head.

This is the most shocking marketing games ever in the world and the UK is the first to raise this issue. Although the developer say it was not intentionally selling outside Japan, but someone manage to slip through it and up into the ebay or torrents. The worst parts are, this game also got an option to get other men to join in for attack, yes what you call gang bang', and force the women to get abortions if they get pregnant. I can’t believe that kind of ideas were included. Worst Hentai game ever released. Damn!


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