Crazy Virus call Win32.Virut.bx

Seems like this time it was a good opportunity to challenge a virus causing the Window XP, programs .exe file and pen drive infections goes mad! I couldn’t really able to find any good solutions to fix this problem especially when the stupid anti-virus programs also went berserk and trying to delete all the program .exe files that detect as a Trojans. This is the reason why it causing many program unable to run and ended up reformatting is the last solutions.

My colleagues told me not to waste the time fixing it and just reformat it. If every time I just using the reformat solutions. What the fuck do I learned from has been an IT Tech Support for so many years? I know its time consuming and don’t really care if they can’t fix it or not. But I simply wanted to try it because there are many freeware tools and shareware out there can be run for test removing it. There might be one or two of them might fix the problem and worth the try even if that mean of wasting time or unable to fix.

Check the Win32.Virut.bx threat information.

The Sign
If you want to know how this virus and trojons affect your Window. You will know right away.
1) When Window XP starts, you will encounter few pop up svchost.exe errors and that is the sign of infections. That kind of errors is related to your Window Auto update and system recovery cannot be easily turn off.

2) If you are smart enough, run the msconfig from run command and find if the services.exe (located in c:/window folder) run at startup. But don’t get confuse with the services.exe (located in system32 folder) run in the process as that is the original one, unless there are two of them then that is suspicious.

3) Your anti-virus went berserk cleaning and tries to delete or clean many infected programs .exe files.

4) Your pen drive will definitely infected by it. By most recommended, install a USB program that specialist in detecting removal storage hardware virus. There are freeware out there like USB Cop and MX One.

5) Users around you will have trouble surfing the internet because the virus have throw something on your PC doing the sending and receiving data.
This is currently the five sign of infections I could find in Window XP. If you have similar problem and more idea how it infect. Drop me a comments and I will update this post.

Like I said earlier, there are no best solutions to clean his shit out. My methods are simply using different kind of virus removal, adware and spyware removal tools to clean the infections. The only problem left I couldn’t solve is the PC will jam up the whole network I mention the fifth sign above. That is the only thing I can’t figure how it can be done. No results were found in Google or Yahoo for best solutions, but I really hope one day there are ways to resolve the network issue.

Anyhow, once you had done the cleaning. Backup your data and reformat it to prevent future infections. I will keep this post update if I could find a solution.


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