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I’m not sure how many of you familiar with this online store, They are one of the Hong Kong online toy stores selling figurine, plastic models, and Japan hobby magazines and game consoles accessories.

I came across this website during my search for Dengeki Hobby Chinese version magazine. Both Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby are available in the store with two languages so if you are having hard time pre-order or the latest issue from Japanese store. You should drop by this place to get a copy especially the Chinese version.

First Contact

My first impression on the website was really bad when I first found it on Google list. was not even listed in any top search instead ended up in page 5 or 6 as far I can remember. (I do received extra information from the commenter that they also using ebay under the same name selling toys. But I’m not sure how active they really were on it.)

IMG_2997 (640x480)

What reminds me back then was the member registration fails and gets errors often. No worry, the problem was eventually solved after launching their new redesigning layout. Everything works normal and the registration works as well. The only problem is just that they did clearly mention if we are paying either US or HK dollar. In the end I did found out paying in HK dollar after transferring to any payment page.

Price wise for most of the toys I survey. What surprises me the most is that some of the Gundam plastic kits like Master and High Grade version are little cheaper. I thought I was wrong about it but after I done some price comparison, it’s a real deal. They also do a weekly’s promotion from time to time, if you happen to find one of your favorite plastic kits and figures. I recommend you should take a look at it.

Payment Methods

They only accept Visa, Master card and Paypal. No additional charges using Paypal payment in their store. However, please note that this shop require made in direct payments once you place your orders or pre-orders.

Shipping and Packing

The only complain and not satisfied in my list is paying twice the amount for the EMS shipping. I have no idea how the two hobby magazines would end up weighting 3kg seriously. But it just makes me wonder if this is a new way of mark up their losses. Although, I didn’t encounter any damage during my last two orders I received.

The packing is really unacceptable when you are paying so much for it. These leads to the question how can it possible weight 3kg by using a used soft hard cover (even food tins boxes) for the packing? It was really disappointed seeing my stuffs deliver like this from overseas.

All the item weights are auto calculated on their website. There is also a new feature recently updated that can allow you to select locations to see how much it cost to ship to your country using either airmail or express. This can be done without signing in to your account.

For your information, they do offer various shipping services like FedEx, DHL etc. allows you to request quote for any shipping services you want. For this time only in my review, I strongly advise using the airmail shipping services. The tracking is not that good. However, at least the Hong Kong post still can track where yours items landed and the fee is way a lot better than the EMS Hong Kong service. But this is depending on how the weights turn out in the end.

Conclusion currently are the second Hong Kong merchant in my list that you can shop with. Well, the only complain so far I had now is the EMS (express) shipping fee is over charge, system weight auto calculation and service packing issue. I hope they themselves will realize it and address this problem in the future.

However, I’m sure this won’t likely going to happen. As everyone knows the joke from Russell Peter, we Chinese can’t give you a bargain. Nonetheless, if you are looking for hard to get rare figures, plastic kits and magazines that contain limited items. This is a good place to drop by and check it out.


  1. Hi, I've just read your review, really nice review. And I would like to ask, do you know the Gundam kits are original (made in Japan) or they are made in China ? Because the price is really cheaper than most of the online stores I've visited. I'm planning on buying a Perfect grade Gundam Zaku II at, and I'm living in Czech. So your advises are really important for me since you've tested the website. Thank you beforehand !

    my email:

  2. Hello Tony,

    Both of the online merchant are selling original Gundam kits as I have verify it myself. I am the person who goes for original Japanese brand and toys so don't worry.

    ishop2go, also accept Paypal and credit card but paying in Hong Kong dollar. I cannot grantee if they might change to US dollar in the future but you will easily identify the currency once you sign in the paypal.

  3. I was looking around too and I tried to look for their shipping and handling charges to ship items to the U.S. and I could not find one. When I looked at your review, I did see that you said that they overcharge on their shipping and handling. I do believe you are right that they try to make up for their loss in their low prices on their products such as Gundam model kits. You did say that the company is from Hong Kong and I've been looking around at eBay and you can see there that they also do the same thing. They charge low on the merchandise but the shipping and handling fees are almost if not half or the same price as the merchandise.

  4. Thank you for the information about the ebay and reading my review. I didn't know they even open to ebay HK.

  5. I've been shopping regularly with ishop2go since it has most of the Gundams I like at quite a good price. I noticed that if you are ordering a small item ( BB gundam, etc), it is probably better off buying it in your city... almost $8 shipping for just a bb gundam when the item itself cost $6 :S. Another tip for ishop2go is that, you want to avoid only buying one item, as I believe their shipping calculations probably has a flat rate attached to it as well as per item. I get much much better shipping rates ordering 3 Gundams than I would ordering just 1. Hell, I even bought the PG red astray off them and saved $90 CDN (compared to if i bought it local) on that item alone. The HK tracking was also very useful and quick. About 5 business days from HK to Canada. PS: Very good review btw, keep it up!

  6. Hello Sam,

    Thanks for reading my review. Just to let you know that HW Japan has at least 20% - 30% off more than But I only target this place for magazine and special off items. ^^

  7. I've got that one bookmarked too, and I usually work out the #'s before i place the order on each site. Hmmm thats weird though, I never got a shopping cart from HW Japan cheaper than ishop2go as of yet.... but I will keep trying :D. That walter hobby site you reviewed looks quite decent as well, although I have not had the chance to use it yet. By the way, have you ever ordered a "made in china" gundam on the walter hobby site? They seem dirt cheap... but I suppose they don't quite piece together as well eh?

  8. No, never think about buying it. Unless, they release those as accessories like MG hands, maybe I would reconsider it. hhehe...

    I did see the real thing before. But it's doesn't really looks that good especially the head. LOL

  9. Are you folks aware that these guys routinely use frauduently received banking information to drain people's bank accounts? My nephew was just swindled out of over $500.00. They'd better watch out because we're going to get them!

  10. Are you sure? I will do some investigation to see if your claim its true.

  11. r u sure abt it? coz I'm going to order something from there

  12. any other Hongkong Online shops that you know? How about taiwan, i heard Gunplas are cheap there

  13. So is the best around, you can check my database for more website I discover. as for taiwan, so far no luck finding any except only at ebay. Gunpla may be cheap, still need to compared especially the exchange rate.


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