Brunei Missed the Beijing Olympic

This is truly a missed in a life time for Brunei not in the opening. Well, of course, I didn’t even bother to watch because I don’t even have any Astro instead I have to download the HD version from the internet.


I didn’t even know it happen when I read BB about the ‘Blame Game’. But the rumors I heard it even announced on live TV that is Brunei excluded from the Olympic opening on last Friday. This truly sparks the whole nation and left without good explanations from the Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council (BDNOC) and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports itself.


What do I think? Funny and stupid, of course, I know everyone is totally pissed. Let me explained why I decided to includes these two words I mention above.


Why Funny?

Nobody knows shit that our nation has been excluded from the Olympic from the beginning, that’s why. The statements are simply just nonsense and making me wondering out of all hundred thousand of people living in Brunei only have two athletes qualify for the Olympic? This is some kind of jokes? I don’t believe any single athletes in Brunei don’t dream wanted to make it to the international games.


Something is damn fishy about the sports in our nation. Making public apologies after the start of the Olympic Games is totally unacceptable and I don’t even understand why not before the opening like earlier one or two month? What so hard about that? Probably because they feel very embarrass to tell the public, they decide to give us a big surprise on last Friday so everyone living in Brunei can joined hand to hand together with them facing the world of embarrassing. Damn, Clever I have to say.


Why Stupid?

Like I mention before, is it so hard to announced in the beginning Brunei will be excluded? I don’t even know what Ministry is really thinking about or perhaps they were lazy in the first place taking Olympic seriously? It surely turned into a question on what are the Ministry actually doing these days. What is it so hard register our local athlete’s? They said only two were selected and even mention one of them is injured on June. If that is the case why not just send one over there then to participate the game? I’m sure every one of hundred thousand will be happy to see only one trying hard for the game even without winning because it represents for the nation and should be proud.


Nothing is really good turn out from our nation by such useless minded person who doesn’t taking it seriously and faith on its athletes. Destroy every dreams of the local athletes is a worst thing in the world. I don’t really mind not having any crazy party on New Year in Brunei. But Brunei fail to participate from Olympic is simply just wrong. Everyone now can pray for good news that Brunei will not ban from IOC and any other Sea Games as well in the future.


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