NY Guy Worked in Convertible

This is the strangest thing I have ever find on the internet. I do know some people bring his/her laptop only worked on cars while waiting for someone or picking up kids at school. However, none of those can compete with these NY guy because he actually worked on his car for SEVEN YEARS!! WoW! XD


Read the info below and I know it it quite old. But he actually reappear in NY again recently and hit on the web again (Gizmodo etc).


Dr. Safwan Sweidan does some paperwork in his mobile and convertible office parked in Times Square in New York, Monday, Oct. 1, 2007. Sweidan has been using his car as an auxiliary office for seven years, which comes complete with a desk, computer, fax, flowers, and of course, a stereo. (Source: Daylife)


More picture here!


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