RGM-79 GM Defense Ground MS

Finally finished it today, I fuck up with the arm on the right and it’s broken. I tried to glue it and still don’t look good. I can’t do any posed now and I feel sad about it. Some advice doing assemble and mixed GM Powered with any Blue Destiny unit. Both their arms can’t be snap together as well their leg. It seems like you really need to mod it if you really want to mix the parts.

Anyway, this is my second Gundam model I built for HGUC line and I called it RGM-79 GM Defense. It’s a ground MS and also part of my story in UC0079 which also involved in Kangaroo Project Teams who develop RX-79 Powered BD.

No pose this time I hate to say. I’m currently waiting my order ready for KOTOBUKIYA modelling weapons kit from HLJ. It’s cheap and nice weapons set supporting my future work. Good news also to all Gundam modeller out there. KOTOBUKIYA has already opened English official website for worldwide. You guys can check it out!


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