Big Foot Photo Leak and Fox News Interview Today!

Fuck! I’m not interested on the Olympic anymore. This is truly going to be freaking news if it turns out to be real. One of the photos has now leak into the internet @ Cryptozoology. Currently the body of the Big Foot is on the freezer and waiting for the DNA test result to be present this Friday, 15th August 2008, together with the photos.

With offers of millions of dollars, just for the photographs of the body, Loren Coleman and Cryptomundo was given one copy of the first image to share with you, our readers.

The body doesn’t look exactly like people thought it would, because the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot has been the model in our minds. However, this looks as if it is an actual apelike primate. Indeed, the gorilla-like facial features, the robust lack of canines, and the grinding surfaces shown in the teeth suggest a bulky vegetarian with a mixture of higher primate characteristics.
Tom Biscardi will appear on Fox News at 7:45 AM Pacific, 10:45 AM Eastern, on Wednesday, August 13, 2008, discussing the carcass, with the image above and probably additional photographs.
Alright, let see if the Big Foot is a real thing after the Fox News air at US.


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