Nix Providence Gundam 2nd Issue

After the down fall of the home base asteroid, the damage Nix Providence was retrieve by the organization and transport to another asteroid base for repair. With careful studies taken from the combat data, the Librarian Works engineers decided to gives Nix Providence further improvement and upgrades with "Yata no Kagami" technology all Dragoon pods and system helps to prevent getting shot down by coordinators ace pilots using beam weaponry.

Combat Characteristics

Even though Nix Providence spotted more bulky and heavier due to extra weaponry installed. The performance has not affected, thanks to extra Dragoon system mounted on both side. It has twice more firing power and survivability by allowing Dragoon System mounting as backpack in case any one of the Dragon system and striker pack were destroy during combat.

The Dragoon striker pack as well getting upgrade featuring eight small Dragoon pods and double composite armed shield system. Although basically same weapon that move from left shoulder and eventually increase the weight of striker pack. With the addition thrusters, mobility performance continues balance.


  1. Does the kit come with 2 of those new shoulder parts or did you have to buy 2 kits?

    1. Can the robot carry 3 backpacks? 1 on each shoulder and 1 on the back?

    2. Yes of course, if you need more info and assemble chart. Visit for better viewing the the full kits.


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