Room Remake: The Planning

Surveying is of course the best move before starting. Even I have to make sure setting a right budget since I am going for DIY. My room isn't that big and also not my own house too. So I'm not planning to spend any unnecessary things except the furniture’s. But I do plans on getting rid the air conditioner and install ceiling fan instead.

Problem Facing

The current lasted almost more than 10 years and now water dripping problem. Not sure if its water blocks. Next month I will need to call up the technician to check and washed. If it's going to break down sooner, I see no point continuing repairing. This is what the ceiling fan comes to play which hopefully able to make my room cool. With the electricity fee increasing, probably a good move going for it.


After watching the World Greenest Homes and learned about low VOC paint that have low risk effect on human health. I decide went to one of the local hardware shops looking for one. It's good to know they actually selling it, the Nippon Paint Odour-less Premium all-in-1 interior wall paint. It cost around less then $70 and my guess is enough for the room.

Brush and tools

What I need are paint brushes, paint rollers, scrapers and cement putty to do some fixing on the wall. However, I am still considering if I should getting the cordless drill tool. It doesn't come cheap and question myself do I really need it after finishing remake my rooms?


I did went to the Star Home scouting for IKEA furniture's. The primary target is the computer table and I already found one. The MICKE desk that cost $160 if I'm not mistaken. That table looks great and I really love it. It is surely a good replacement reducing the space in my room.

Other current consideration if it's a good idea putting wall shelf’s in my room. I already told myself not to make any unnecessary drilling and damaging the room. But I just realize what I can do is making use of the old computer table and do some modifications.


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