Room Done But Not Air Con

When you worked so hard fixing and painting your own room. The worst thing ever happen is learning the air conditioner died after servicing. That was big fucking shit the technicians had done to it and not even checking properly even I requested it.

All I remember they say its okay and zoom off leaving hurry like someone tries to kill them. The impression they gave me are so bad not even bother to wait for 10 minutes checking the whole thing running before handling out the receipt. They have to come back three times telling me different shits about the faulty hardware and charge me again for it. Damn these motherfuckers!

It's really hard to find good air con technicians nowadays in Kuala Belait that can be trusted with their words. Only if my cousin decide to run his own business I would definitely call him because he was trained and graduate from technical college. He can instantly tells which hardware faulty when looking and hear from it.

Everything too late now and I have to wait for that company to send another experience guys to take a look again what the fuck had those previous guys done. Still, last option. Get a new one and now I am working hard earning some more from OT to paid off the service charges this few days.


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