Room Cleaning & Painting Operation Begin

Yesterday was supposed to work on my Gunpla as the time nearer. But rather working on that, I decided to start moving all my stuffs and furniture’s out before I start working on cleaning and painting this Thursday. It was a right decision choice starting early after realizing scraping and cleaning the wall before painting require taking so much time.

I got to say the wallpapers are the main problem in the room. If I ever got a new house, I will never applied wallpapers every wall unless it was a kids or baby rooms. Geeezz, removing just the wallpapers taking so much hassle with only a door size already wasted two hours to make sure every area properly scrap clean. This is why contractors charge so much for cleaning and painting. Well, a good experience learning this sort of thing.

Even though my original plan renovating my room coming this public holiday. By minimizing the time frame, I will slowly moving all my stuffs out of the room and doing the wall cleaning before preparing full painting. So much to do for a small rooms, blame myself having so much toys around.


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