We Save Nothing from Trade In

I have been hearing so much noise about trading in your old computer hardware’s for getting a new great price for few months now. Some say you trade in your old CRT and get a free LCD which is absolutely crap information or totally misunderstanding explains from one another. I already look into it and was just Concepts Computer doing the trade in promotion for quite a while.

To be honest, you are simply giving away your CRT and printer away grantee for free in the beginning. I do not know about the projectors since I’m not into this gadget. But it just doesn’t make sense at all, no matter how I look at the trade in price offer to consumers. If I can get a HP AIO printer as low B$100.00 in other computer shops, what’s the point of trading in my dead or old fine working printer for Epson $98.00? Even when I look at the trade in Acer LCD 20” wide monitor price, Netcom Computer offer the same selling the price around B$199.00 (B$188.00 was the previous promotion). What’s the catch here? Are we consumers working CRT monitor worth $10.00 or simply paying just the selling price from the beginning?

I don’t know if this is just a competitions battle plan. But this is to remind you all to survey carefully before sending in your old working or damage junks for trade in. I do not have any ill intention towards Concepts Computer, but this kind of trade in promotion doesn’t seem to convince me worth sending over to recycle.


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