Ebay Transformers Bidding

I had to be honest to myself. Ebay is a crazy place to find products. Way so crazy I was entirely drawn into bidding on some exclusive Transformers that hard to find in the markets today. I already won one and some is still ongoing until it ends tomorrow. Lucky one of them already outbid me and I feel relieve now, just hope that asshole really pays up. All else I have to burden the cost. Fuck!

If you wonder what kind of exclusive stuff I am into. Here is one of em, the Dengeki Hobby Energon Superlink Rodimus Convoy (black version and only 5000 released in Japan only). If I had more money at hand, I would definitely keep going to outbid this. But at the moment, really hate to skip this offer due to unforeseen over spending this December and got too reserved for the last payment on my last hope bid until tomorrow. If any of you guys are interested on this item, good news to you all that the bidding still running for one more week.

For your information, Robot Kingdom is selling it for US$99.90 and someone just outbid me for US$31.00, so you have plenty of time thinking if it worth going. Like I said above, I would definitely give it a go until my maximum bids. It’s kinda of funny that Rodimus popularity out beat Megatron so much. Transformers toys are always full of surprise, don’t they?

How about the others I am currently bidding? Fuck you! I’m not going tell you guys only until I win! HA!


  1. LMAO, nice one on ur last sentence of this post...i was like surprisingly amused by it and luffing alone here like a mad man for the whole 1 min! =D


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