Visa Card Just Got Block - Update

Apparently, it was Hobby Search mistake causing confusion on my HSBC credit card transaction. I just received the information that my item was shipped out while ago and after checking the amount. It was 2,116 Yen that was mention by the operator and damn, because of their system made a big mistake on my order. I told the HSBC guy that was not the order I made yesterday because the amount is more than 2,000 yen. This got me into a mess and now my Visa card has to be ban and require replacing for a new one. Geezzz!

God damn it, Hobby Search. Now I have to wait for their response on their ordering system mistake and also either going to HSBC bank or wait for their call if it possible to lift my Visa card ban. Argg…

Man, just now, I thought who is calling my hand phone when seeing the unknown number. Didn’t expect that was HSBC operator (whom I thought is the kidnapper) and inform me that there are unauthorized transactions charges made from Japan. I have no idea who was that company and I can’t get clear information about the person trying to charge me because the operator act like a deep shit talking to me.

When I try to confirm and asked him to check the amount, it doesn’t add up. In the end, I have to get my card ban from using it and require replacing it in the nearby bank. Fuck, I have two more upcoming pending payments and it suddenly come to this. This is not good!


  1. Hahahaha.... my advise;

    1- When u report such problem to HSBC, try to be careful about the way you make the report... try avoid saying such thing as "that is not my order or my transaction" as the bank view this as a real serious matter (credit card fraud is a popular crime) and thus they immediately block your card and you get all the trouble to get a new card again. If you tell them that the seller charge wrongly and they will make adjustment or something like that then maybe that can save you the trouble from getting a new card. I worked in the bank's credit card division last time so I know how it works back there. Honestly if its me, I will just keep quite first as it is good then if Hobby Search charge lower than they suppose to do and you still end up getting all your items accordingly. Though honestly I don't really know the real fact about your problem here so my opinion could be totally wrong.

    2- Maybe you can consider to switch to StandChart Bank, they are pretty nice and understanding with online transaction and you don't have to carry that small black gadget that HSBC give u.

    3- Hobby Search shipping charges is always slightly higher than HLJ.... in fact they use same style with AmiAmi but at least AmiAmi give great discount. So shop more with HLJ coz for sure HLJ never make such stupid mistake. Hahahaha...

    Cheers man... hope you can solve this issue ASAP and in the best way possible.

    And as for your question about the sword stand, this is my answer;

    Starboykb, u go to Gadong, in front of Center Point Hotel, on the corner have Ayamku restaurant on the normal shop lots building... this shop with no name is just next to that Ayamku.

    It's something like a gift shop but also have cheap toys inside.

    They also have plenty of Tamiya car model kits selling at half price now (about below $20 after discount)

    Too bad they only accept cash... no credit card machine at the moment :(

    Cheers and good luck...

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