Transformers Deluxe VS Value Pack

Probably I am simply too self bargain thinking without realizing it. I couldn’t help it yesterday and went to open and played with it. After messing around with the toy, posing and doing transformation into alternator mode. I just realize that the Hasbro value pack version actually has much degrades in colors, quality and more mess up on some parts of the toys.

This just worried me so I went to check the current value pack Rodimus and Starscream, including Twin Pack, Jetfire and Grimlock. Only two of them quality looks bad and the other two is okay for Rodimus and Jetfire. The worst is the Autobot and Decepticon badges are using stickers rather than printed on it. I maybe wrong about this because I remember during my childhood ages, most of my headmaster Transformers do have the similar sticker’s badges.

I should have asked Stephenus Prime for advice earlier but it just never pop into my mind about this question. Because of this, I went to do some search on Google to find some answers. Well, it seems like there are some TF fans does mention that those value pack release by Hasbro does have degrade on the quality on both toys and colors. Even the current Transformers movie toys version too released by today Takara Tomy.

This is only just my speculations. Just correct me if I am wrong. Happy Holiday to all!


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