The New 2010, The New Day Starts Again!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m sure every one of you enjoying your time with your family and friends celebrating New Year. Nah, I didn’t celebrate any of it, just stays at home and continue watching Mr Brain drama I am chasing for. Yes, probably you might think it’s boring to be alone. But I already get use to it and I’m sure much of you didn’t celebrate either. Even some of my friends were continue working at night and today rushing the projects.

All I can say is my youth enjoyment is over once I start working and always wishing to take as much rest as possible. No idea what kinds of influences causing me behave this way, and slowly shut myself going outside. It’s kind of bad seeing me like this, but the new 2010 begin and happily manage to finished three month probation started last October last year. I hope my new job and environment will slowly improve. Of course, I likely spend more on toys this year no matter what.


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