Another Raining Month

It was another fucking year of non-stop raining. The power trip last night and the rain water starting slowly to penetrate into my room. Dripping all night making me so worried about the damages might cause. Chinese New Year is coming and I really wish not to spend too much. Repairing houses require quite a lot of money.

This morning I have to wake up around six climbing up to the ceiling looking for the damn hole and find something for temporary hold the waters. Although it doesn’t look really that bad when I look at it because the aluminum foils wear down letting the water drip through. This is also a sign of damage on the roof outside and that is bad.

I spend at least two hours up there doing some repair by using the strong aluminum tape to seals the internal damage aluminum foil areas. It was just a temporary measure preventing the water continue goes into the damage holes. Now the only thing I can do is wait until the rain stop so that the workers can start looking and repair the rest. Hope nothing serious going to happen this month.  Shitty rain!


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