Stars Online Shopping Discovery #2

Here are the lists of new reviews and discovery update. This time, there will be some US online shops includes as well. These are the trusted and safe to shop zone for everyone seeking for Otaku collection, rare stuffs and other action toys like Transformers. I will re-arrange the lists and include clearer details from time to time.

If you have any questions regarding about the websites, feel free to post your comments in this post. However, it is recommended to read their FAQ and rules. For example like Ami-Ami Hobby, they DO NOT allow you to cancel any orders. Some of them even require paying first before processing the orders. Take note.

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Stars Review Online Shops/Stores

Next/Upcoming Reviews

My Pending Online Shops



Q: Which are the best online shops?

A: Until this date, my personal favors are HLJ and HW Japan because of their good customer services based on my shopping experience during my trouble. But don’t take my words for it. Keep those different shops bookmark is the best looking out any availability of your favorite items and check for up-to-date promotions events.

Q: Which online shops you have not yet purchase until now?

A: Those will be listed under the “My Pending Online Shops” and “Others” categories.

Q: Why is your online shop reviews took very long?

A: Please understand that I pay using my own pocket money to check and ensure they are trusted and genuinely shipped to me before writing reviews and recommendations. Moreover, it takes time and requires second purchase to verify the safety of the site.

Also, I will NOT review any online shops that I never made a single purchased directly, except only doing short introductions.


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