Budget Photo Booth Project

As mention last month, I have finalized the total spending on the photo booth materials and light equipments yesterday. It surely took me a while going through because of some unexpected addition material. Nevertheless, the total still comes in lower B$50.00 on the extra spending for basic photo booth setup for me.

Here is the photo of the materials and the equipments I brought based on my ideas during my survey on the hardware shops.

  • 1x Slot Angle Bar 1.1/2” x 1.1/2” = $11.50
  • 12x Bolt and nuts for angle bar = $0.60
  • 4x Screws and washer = $0.40
  • 2x Mini Florescent lamp 8 WATT = $14.00
  • 2x Florescent Bulb 8 WATT = $5.00
  • 1x one meter black clothes = $2.50
  • 1x Labour charges (for cutting angle bar) = $5.00
  • Total = B$39.00

For your information, an extra slot angle bar is original require for this project and the picture above only shows one cut set. I did miscalculate the length after seeing the worker cutting it on last Saturday. Never expect my glass would be so big. Not quite a big problem actually, it just that I can’t build a box like setup. But it still useful for building stage photo shooting and it really turn out very well in the end with plenty of optional positioning and adjusting the correct lights.

I have to admit my photos don’t quite come close to the professional levels due to my coming age Canon PowerShot A710IS. But I am quite happy with the end results, because this setup was original also meant for close shots and look nicer than mine previous setup. I’m sure you want to see the results so I decided to provide you some photo I taken to be use on reviews soon. Check out the sample below.


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