Kotobukiya Kobato Hanato Figure Mini Review

Not sure how am I suppose to write here. Honestly, it is really hard writing review on PVC figure. I am not an expert on this and quite familiar much with the sculpture. But for me, when buying PVC or trading figures, I mostly prefer those to be made by Good Smile Company (GSC) and Square-Enix. The reasons are simple, high details and quality made from it.

Yes, it is more expensive but not any of us would want to pay for something that looks bad, right? I buy quite a lot figures from Square-Enix and never fail me in my liking. Well, mostly all of them are Final Fantasy series.
How about Kotobukiya? I have no answer to that, which is why I am going to find out by purchasing the first released Kobato Hanato PVC figure last year. For your information, I brought it from Ami-Ami with 18% discount and still available. Hit read more for more photos!
The packing is indeed very attracting clear plastic box and the design looks pretty clean at outside. Truly looks good when you place the PVC figure inside the box and will definitely touch up the display background. Too bad the warning sign is out of the way, although not too much.

Opening the box is rather easy. You simply just need to cut those tape off and ready to open Kobato.
Inside the box: 1x Kobato Hanato, 1x Ioryogi, 1x magnetic cage, 1x Umbella and 1x paper manual.
Beautifully sculpture by Kouei Matsumoto.
Close up look!
Bad Ioryogi locked up in cage!
Some of you might possibly think that something is not quite right on the eyes in the photo. But when you have a closer look on some of the photos, it was actually fine. I did worried at first when I thought about getting badly made PVC figure. After spending time carefully inspecting it. It was correctly colored. Phew~!! Lucky!
Anyway, more closer looks on other details like the kimono and umbrella.
It was just too bad that, Kobato Hanato hair block the view of the back of the kimono. I believe with the little adjustment on the hair side, it will definitely shows the full beauty of the kimono.
Ioryogi-san in the cage. Do you know that the magnetic were use below the cage by fitting to the cloud maintaining the balance from falling off? Nice idea, isn’t it?
Ioryogi-san out from the cage. Looks good too. KOBATO!!!!
Okay, how does the PVC figure looks do you all? For my own view, I have to say the character was truly a beautiful sculpture. Of course it was not perfectly because I did find a few flaws on the figure. Not too much problem for me. However, I couldn’t forget the one I mention above about the kimono.
It was sad that her hairs cover up most of the kimono ribbons parts behind. I did do some research on the anime parts and the comics side. Yes, her hair cover up her back almost all the time which I’m sure Kouei Matsumoto tried to sculpture as close to the anime drawing so there are nothing to blame about it.

Nonetheless, with the cost of 3,870 Yen, it was surely worth it spends on. Not so sure if I should recommend to everyone having in their collections. If you are CLAMP fans, made no mistake not to missed it because this is truly well sculpture PVC figure.


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