Revoltech Yamaguchi No.081 and No.059

This is going to be the last Revoltech Yamaguchi toys collection in my list. I really hate to say the toys itself are entirely disappointed and failed for me. The details are great and that can’t be argued. But too much flaws are noticeable and the articulations are worst compare to the old ones. Not to mention it’s getting smaller.

I collect Arbalest (ARX-7) is because I like the Full Metal Panic! animation which I longed for having in my display. As for the Laevatein (ARX-8), I missed it two years ago during pre-order so I decide to get it after they announced re-release it again due to the popularity in the past. However, it seems like the price I am paying for no longer seems to worth it. Yes, I am totally unhappy with the loose parts received in the packing. Almost all Yamaguchi lines I brought from last year have the same problem. Not sure how many of you experience such issue but this is not good, especially if you think about selling off in eBay or locally. Unless yours packing is new and seal.

The only way to find out probably needs to get the Bandai Robot Damashi ARX-7 Arbalest version to verify and compared with Revoltech version. I think this is the best to solutions to understand the quality on both products to see which one is the best action mecha to put your money in the future.

Anyway, I did not spend much of my time playing around because there are quite a lot of loose parts so trying to avoid making it worse is best solutions. Click read more to view few more photos I taken.

Revoltech Yamaguchi  No.081 (Full Metal Panic! ARX-7 Arbalest) Open packing
Arbalest mecha, weapons and accessories
Arbalest Posing

Revoltech Yamaguchi  No.059 (Full Metal Panic! ARX-8 Laevatein) Open packing
Laevatein mecha, weapons and accessories
 Damn, my ARX-08 has a bad marking color stuck on the body there shown below.


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