First Saving Blow in Life Time

I can’t believe it either seeing my entire life blowing my whole month saving on toys! This is going to hit me hard next month. There is two more pending on the payments and I have no idea what to do about it especially on the ebay I recently got obsessed on bidding. Right now, gives up on the remaining orders and hopefully someone would outbid me on the items I (really) wanted to purchase. I’m not sure how the seller react if I don’t pay up if I won the auction, but I’m sure it would be bad getting blacklisted by Ebay LOL. Hope my explanations excuse may turn the table and wish someone outbid me. HA!

The only things I can think of solving this issue is raise my credit card limit from B$500.00 to B$700.00 at the moment and it’s already approved. I also settle it early to lower down the credit limit a bit. Well, can’t say how long it would takes to reach new limit again due to the undecided pending payments. I really hopes everything goes smoothly until new year. Hate to say I didn’t see this coming that this year is so special for toy collectors.


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