Weekend DIY Search

As always end of the year, my life is definitely going to be boring. Since I started my new job last on October, it will take a while until next year I can take leave for vacation or rest. Hate to keep on thinking about it. Anyway, I have some unfinished DIY projects left in my lists which for one I am planning to build a nice small photo booth for shooting my toys and gadgets.

It sure took me a while on the planning. I think almost few months delay and nope, it still in progress at the moment because I continue to look up on some budgets setup guide on the website. I manage find some and very useful guide online so far to improve my ideas on the design. Sadly, I do find it there were many draws back for long term used, so most likely it doesn’t work pretty well for me especially when you are considering using hard boxes and then the lighting position is going to be pain in the ass. Not to mention most of the stuffs do not available in Brunei so we have to look for other options and careful planning.

To figure out for the best for my budget limit DIY version, I went to some hardware shops for some search for right suitable stuffs photo booth setup. You know what? I can’t believe I finally found materials and can grantee it will definitely set you guys at least B$50.00 below. It can be more as it depending on your requirements and some extra professional touch up. For example, like the dark glass for the base (as seen in my previous Eva 05 photo post). I can’t say how much you might able to get in the market because I got it free from my mom friends. ^^ All I can tell you it’s not cheap for glass.

It is a dream comes true for me able to build something. However, I am going put on hold this project until my next pay out next year. Reason is simple, over spending. Don’t worry! I will provide everything you need to know how you get in our local hardware shop and the total amount I spend on it. Rest assured that you can even find it every where in Brunei.


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