HLJ Blowout Sales!

It was really great timing ordering toys during coming Christmas. I manage to get something in HLJ Blowout Sales after the count down begin on the website yesterday. Actually it was two minutes early before the Admin updated the front page. I got to thanks to the HLJ newsletter for the direct link accessing so fast.

Now, what did I manage to get this time? Yes, it is same as usual for hunting Gundam again. I simply can’t help it because there weren’t any other interested non-Gundam mecha or figures I wanted to get. In the end, I brought Gundam Fix Figuration Shin Musha and HG 1/100 Gundam Seravee Gundam Designer Version including extra order for Tamashii Stage Act 3 clear display stand and others paint accessories to the lists which I plan previously.

Anyhow, it was a waste that I don’t see many nice Transformers and other non-Gundam action toys in the Blowout Sales. Figure? Nah, not a single one attracts me except for Kingdoms Heart II trading figure which is simply out of my budgets line so I skip it. Nonetheless, free express shipping is what everyone expecting during the holiday. If you haven’t grabbed some, you should do it now before it ends on this Friday.


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