AMX- 107R Rebawoo (Full Frontal Use)

Finally it’s done! When I first received the Rebawoo kit, my thought was going to be easy to build. Sorry to say this is not true. The worst are the plastic parts came from Bandai factory were somewhat fragile even easily broken and morel like bootleg. I’m not sure how many those who brought it affected but I was among one of the unlucky buyer received two out of three have such problem. There goes the Bandai premium quality. The good one will be kept as antique and the second will be kit bashing later until I got more ideas.

There are a lot of hard sanding work involve during my time spending on certain parts. This is why I say not easy. I believe the paintings are the most challenging when it comes to Sleeves crests. I never fond of it because of this kind of issue, I decided to play it simple and change the way it going to look.

The decals also took me the whole final day of patience and carefully applied on each area using the picture short story note book from the ‘One of Seventy Two’ as reference. I am glad that 70% of the Bandai 1/144 Sinanju decal is usable for Rebawoo. Of course modelers who are more creative than me can apply even better.

Anyway, this is my final work for straight build. The additional work done to the kits are adding Kotobukiya detail option parts, Model Kit World bazooka and Hobby Japan Gundam Seed upgrade parts. I actually over look the upgrade parts results which turned out weird looking thin leg. As a lesson, I will rectify it on my next Rebawoo bashing build.

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