Is Jobless Getting Improved or Become Worst?

No matter how much I read the newspapers saying how many jobs will be created and efforts organizing job fairs every few months by the Government. We still received news about increasing jobless in the country. People usually blame the private sectors paying unattractive salaries and complains about working hours. However, from what I have watching this whole time is no longer the main issues for both jobless and job seekers are facing. I believe the new issues are the local company’s struggle keeping its business alive instead

Of course there are rarely such claims or mentioning from the local news. It doesn’t mean never happen. I know the new policy was meant to help the SME so that they can hire more locals during their growth. Also this is to prevent alibaba business continue as well. The governments even go extends call on every private sectors should keep the requirement percentage hiring more locals in order to stay in business. I’m sure many of you think this is thumb up work from Government. But we fail to see the implementation actually causes problems to existing companies.

I can tell many foreign Oil & Gas companies are very cautions nowadays on the policy and if one company got too much tenders in the past records then they no longer gets the next time and must be awarded to others or SME. This control basically a huge blow to some existing international (or joint venture) Oil & Gas Company. A few entirely closes its door last year and other manage to get small contracts to sustain itself until end of this year. At the same time letting nearly 70% both locals and foreigners employees go for budgeting control. Those few who are lucky got offer to work internationally and majority will have to look for new jobs.

Salary cut or no rise also happen to be recently. One of my friends is among one of the employees facing salary cut soon by the local company and told to sign a new contract. Without any proper official explanation reason behind of such actions, I advise him not to sign no matter what happen and photocopy the contracts (if not provide) for review before deciding the next move. I understand his frustration because the management didn’t honor their words in the interview. Sometimes, running a business does have to made harsh and mean decision. But without clear explanation and straight on forcing employees to sign new contract are just wrong.

This is rather somewhat very concern issues how the Government going to handle the situations. I don’t really see improvement but more like take it and go scenario. One newly establishes company last year now facing terrible challenge and as many heard by now losing a lot of money maintaining the project due to lack of local engineers or technicians expertise in the field. Many of them switch jobs because of the pressures and escape the messy work environments. There is one simple reason that leads to such disastrous. They cannot simply hire foreigners and must be locals before involving the projects. I hate to admit. We locals are still far behind, requiring a lot of time to get experiences and training to catch up with the international standards.


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