Old Computers Reboot with Open Source #1

Sometimes, it is personal question whether or not getting the old computers working worth your time and money. Majority people nowadays no longer care and will throw away without hesitations. They prefer buying new PC or laptop since it is so affordable and more new features with faster technology.

Old computers may be slow and worthless. But for me, it stills got the value and can help to reduced spending on certain new technology. This is where open source comes in. The only problems are in Brunei, not many of them including companies are interested even if it’s a free license. The presence of Microsoft marketing here are so strong so it going to be long for locals start interest using open source.

I personally slowly migrating and learning how to use open source especially Linux. To be honest, I do not see the reason keep sticking Windows when they going to release new operating system estimate every two years. I no longer can afford to buy new license and devices to keep up with Microsoft products. If it weren’t I am a gamer, I would have already with Linux long time. Nonetheless, the introduction of the Steam OS is going to be new future alternative gaming operating system and I am looking forward to that.

Deploying Linux operating system does indeed a bit tricky. This is why I need to find out which is the best for older PC builds. There are simply too many versions of Linux distros on the internet so I normally go for the popular version like Linux Mint. Ubuntu is out of question because I last used was left unimpressed with huge performance impact. I thought Linux Mint is better but encounter some startup lagging and displaying crash issues with my setup using Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz (Socket 478), EPOX EP-P4MKI mATX, 1GB Kingston DDR memory ram kit (2x512MB), Western Digital 80GB IDE HDD and Nvidia Geforce 2 MX 64MB AGP graphic.

It does work pretty OK and some TV series are watchable. I decided to try much more lightweight version of Linux using Lubuntu. The next installation will include minor upgrade in the hardware after I found some more parts left cleaning my cabinets. The CPU will be replacing to Intel P4 2.4GHz and slightly faster Nvidia Geforce 4 so that it can run better and manage to run most nowadays media format.


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