MG Gundam Destiny – FAITH Terrorism Customize MS

Mini Story:
C.E 74, November. After the second Bloody Valentine war ended and sign peace treaty between PLANT and Orb. The new FAITH organization has been reform again by Durandal former trusted councils, followers and secret recruit elite members planning to over thrown Lacus Clyne and newly appointed ZAFT councils.
In order to restart ‘Destiny Plan’, FAITH has decided to secretly manufacture numbers of advances MS ZGMF-X42S Destiny. During the mid-development, the engineers has improve Destiny into next level by using golden parts that found on both successor, Strike Freedom and the DSSD's (Deep Space Survey and Development) GSX-401FW Stargazer. This vastly improves the mobility and the performance two times than previous the model. It was known only one were successfully produce.
However, soon the plan was found out by ZAFT spies. The defense councils decided to hired mercenary to carry out the attack instead to avoid getting attention to Lacus.
Since it’s hard to sell off the MG Gundam Destiny, I decided to removed from the garage sell list and build it instead. No plan for the extra details except testing out the custom color which my original plan is for Heine Westenfluss rather than Shinn Asuka. Somehow, I messed up during spraying.
The whole color has been redone especially the orange parts. I’m not sure what happen to the yellow spray paint. It doesn’t stick well even doing the second layer spraying doesn’t help either. To solve that, I had to spray it with orange to fix this coloring issue. Also, the body has been painted in gold color to look pair with Strike Freedom. Luckily it didn’t turn out as bad as I think even with decals (30% left) match nicely. As for the face in black, could be the reason my obsession wanted to put them together with Seed VS Astray design. I just wanted to make it looks fiercer compare to normal color version.
I will start working on HG1/100 Gundam Vitue this week since it was done half way cutting and sanding. Same as usual, no details upgrade. Anyway, I will upload the action photo soon.


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