Reveal of the Black Box

Last Saturday I received a missed call from the post office informing me a parcel just arrived. I first thought could be the RK pre-order for last month. Somehow it’s not the case after I open the black box.
Okay, want to guess first before hitting read more? Nah, I know you don’t care. Well, it’s a…….

Full Clear PP-01 Faith Leader from iGear Toy!

Probably most of you are really curios whether I am insane paying US$200.00 for iGear Toy product. But no, this is a free gift for the success business talk with one of our local toy shops. This is part of their Award Scheme program started few months ago so I drop them the information (I am fast isn’t it?) and see if the talk works out. Never expect that it went well with Go Figure! once I saw them already started selling PP01 Faith Leader in the Mall.

Actually iGear guys did forget about me (duh!) and have to send email to reconfirm if I am eligible receiving Clear PP-01 Faith Leader free gift. Luckily I am and here it is. I’m not going to run a full review on the figure in this post. It will be short with opinions about the products.

First of all, does it worth going for this Mini-Piece All Clear PP-01 Faith Leader? Not unless you are rich and doesn’t mind spending US$200.00 for it. I find it hard to recommend even for the normal version since this figure is just a shrunk down with no die-cast metal version and copy Masterpiece products. Not to mention it going to cost you around starting price between US$90-$120.00 which I believe everyone would prefer going for Hasbro/Takara Masterpiece.
Another problem I discover that the hip is not even movable. This is why you don’t see much posing on the photos. Do note that this figure I received is the improved second version so I not sure if that is faulty or not. This lead to question why they don’t simply go ahead improved or modifies the hip articulation makes it more movable? This could possibly make the whole figure better than the original.
Don’t get me wrong, I like my free gift. But it just the figure looks good when putting under the light so I need to figure out how to do that once I got the IKEA display detolf.

Anyhow, Go Figure! toy shop will be supplying iGear Toy future products. Drop by their shop at the Mall or visit their website for enquiry and pre-order. If you are Masterpiece collectors fan, don’t forget PP03J/E/A team going to release next year and the pre-order closing is end of December next month. Don’t miss out.


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