Credit Card Got Copy and Car Got Hit on Rear

This is suck for the first December of the month having such a bad shit around you. I was told by the HSBC international that my Visa card suspect been copy and require to replace immediately. Damn this bank always joking around with me like that making so many hassle reapply this and that all over again. Thanks to it, I lost my order for Gundam Ace with Sinanju Head display last month. Argg….

While continuing having a bad day dealing with the credit card issue, on my way back home also got hit by a car at rear. Luckily just a slight damage but my past trauma caught me blank out like few years ago hitting someone else car at rear. I don’t know why I am so stupid not asking that sucker to pay my car repair fee. Even I forget the car and the number plates. Everything blank out in my mind. What happen on the first day of this month is definitely experiencing fuck up life and continue asking myself why I am so stupid.


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