Gunpla: HG 1/100 Vitue and HG 1/144 Kerberos BuCUE Hound

Both were completed this month. It originally begins last month, it just both of them work half way after moving to MG Gundam Destiny. Again, all straight build and color testing for future projects. White Tamiya spray is very hard to find right now, even I stock up extra doesn’t seem to be enough at all.
So my plan right now is to test which colors work best on white surface. Next time, the work will be much easier to choose which is right for the Gunpla. Anyway, I finally completed another one of the Seed Astray Frame model. One more left to go Leons's Arms Astray PMC Custom.
As for Gundam Vitue, the Tamiya light sand color spray works pretty well on white plastic kit. I kinda love it because I never once have any Gunpla in sand version. No special posing photos. Too lazy for it.


  1. It's Gundam Virtue not Vitue.... must be your typo error LOL...

    Nonetheless the lighting is awesome... love it...

  2. Thanks. Actually its still incomplete setup as I need more light and better background wall or something.


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