What is the Reason for FB Ban in Brunei?

If that is true, I would definitely laugh hard on these idiotic peoples who propose and follow Malaysian footstep supporting this silly ban. Many should know by now that rumor AiTi is going be the one banning (link) on Facebook this end of the month. I’m sure majority of the locals probably going to feel rage by this if it happens.

Now, what causes this? It appears that the speculation behind the ban is because of the recent news about the popular 22 years old Malaysian teen committing suicide this month that is known by Alviss Kong, who updated his last message on Facebook before jumping off from this home. Here’s the news, last message for the ex-girlfriend and information’s if you don’t know what happen.

So the question, is Facebook the blame all this suicide mess? For my personal opinion, Facebook indeed actually helps us to find out the truth in the messages left by Alviss Kong. Think about it. Do you rather continue to suffer without knowing why someone suddenly went suicide?

I don’t know why the Governments are trying to put in a fucking blame on social networks either. No matter how we look at it, this is human nature problem. Blaming on internet is just a big excuse. Even without it, we can still find another replacement in no time. Not to mention video conversation are starting to get more popular nowadays meeting strangers around the world. No one can stop this unless we pull out the internet once and for all.

There are other reasons why they want to ban Facebook. That’s right, freedom of speech. The big boys doesn’t like whenever someone criticizing the Governments that can damage the country images. It’s just another pointless thinking that might help to solve the problem because it will never will as long we human have problem with anything that came to our minds.

Anyway about Alviss Kong, I find it totally stupid. Sorry I have to be really rude and disrespect him because I find it really hard and unacceptable choosing commit suicide just over a four month end of relationship reason. I’m not him, so I can’t understand the love depression that he fought so hard for her. So what makes one of my Malay friend die in cancer 16 years old looks like? He can’t even work, study, love even ever to enjoy rest of the life today. He can, but 22 years beautiful healthy life ended just like that for the sake of four month love! Chi bai, what the fuck is wrong with the young people these days?

Now the whole family had to suffer and the ex girlfriend is carrying ‘guilt’ on the rest for her life (BTW she is freaking beautiful). Nonetheless, according to the Chinese newspaper report he actually had this same problem before in the first relationship and plan on commit suicide but was saved last minute two years ago. What does this mean? End.


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