Another Year of Boring Christmas and Shit happen

Feel like having a Sunday, same as usual staying at home doing all sorts of things. This month is kinda like shit to me. Passport expires and can’t even get a new car before Christmas. My life is becoming too meaningless boring if I don’t go out and enjoy soon. This does remind me one of my friends saying nothing weird about that because everyone already get used to it since the day we are born in boring Brunei.

Anyway, quite busy and tired this past week’s working on company PC maintenance. At the same time getting into trouble with an employee in other department. Thanks to my openly discussion and opinions, she quite pissed off at me. I don’t really care much if I am rude or disrespect what I wrote in the email. You may think is just a small matter, but for a big private company I working for. You got to be very careful as people loves to poke you and use email as an evidence or proof.

It’s like this. I personally hate the secretary using email as a way of communication to contact the IT department for any urgent matters or require our service ASAP. I don’t understand why they don’t bother to call us directly when there is telephone available. Don’t you find it weird and stupid without logical sense? It’s like they never take the words wrote in the email as important at all and simply ignores it.

The word urgent and ASAP use in the email are always top priority in the company rules. Imagine how fuck is that when we just get back from the office and suddenly reading the emails that require us urgently, we have to rush back there to fix it. Other shitty things are that chances they are waiting for us to solved the problem. What if we don’t? Of course, we get complains and this going for too long.

Our IT job is not just sitting in the office, we move around to on site doing servicing and multitasking on different works every day. So we usually unable to keep track all the emails and normally received phone calls a lot. Their way of action does put us greatly in trouble and get question most of the time why we didn’t follow up the issues. This is the moment I started to get heated up and decided to write back. Not sure yet what is the result of it. It feels better for me because I dislike this going forever and getting us all the blames for not attending urgency.

Happy Holiday to all!


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