Blog Action Day 2010: Water

Today is an amazing day! My blog will be joining Blog Action Day to discuss and write about water issues in our communities and around the world! Of course, some of the local bloggers (Senor Pablo and RATED E!) are participating as well!

Water = Life

No matter how much we argue and denied things in life, Water is the most important resources for global human being. Everyone is depending on it. I am glad to be born and living healthy in a peaceful country because we got access to clean water and including good medical care.

However, with the increase populations, newly setup industries and expand developments over the years. There are certainly continuous issue affecting and threat to the environments in just one country alone. That is water.

Unstoppable Polluted River

Developed or Developing Countries, it doesn’t matter today as we all share the same issue all over the world. Whenever I look at my very own country, both locals and foreigners are doing the same ignoring the facts they are destroying environment and polluting the waters.

How? They dump rubbish’s and garbage’s to the drainages and rivers almost every day. Even the children’s are following the parent’s examples without any proper guidance. Imagine such behaviors continue over decade, our rivers will slowly later become uninhabitable, increase causing blocks on the drainage and sewages problem which can lead to floods on the areas. Not only that, it can bring diseases. Children’s are especially vulnerable.

What are the solutions to this? Sadly, I have no answers and unable to fight this problem just by the public voicing alone. Even I find it weird that we have lack of educations teaching on the environmental subject issue. Our Governments really have to stand to promote and takes the stricter laws protecting the environments. Otherwise, things will go bad to worse for new generations every year.

We Can Improve the Future

We read about the needs of clean water in Africa and Asia poor developing countries every day. I visit some non-profit organizations that offer 100% public donations and fundraiser for water. Most of them are asking US$20-25.00 for life for one life or building wells and sanitation facilities for water projects. I love the ideas and good peoples involving on the charities works to keep the projects alive until now.

The question is. Is that really enough to solve the problems? Everyone knows both Africa and Asia have huge populations rising and expanding too every year. Not to mention people around the world are facing economies issue, losing their jobs, worrying debt or mortgages and had their own stressful life to deal with. To most of us, US$20.00 is hard earn money and cannot easily simply just by giving out to anyone. So how will this water projects and maintenances to survived in the future plans?

My opinions, we need better health research and improve the technology to bring better ahead of us and the poor developing countries. These also bring much more economical returns on repairs and long term maintenances or supports.

Think about it. Medical research helps to improve health, create medicines cure and prevention against many kinds of deadly diseases. Improve technology helps to create cost efficient advance water projects including better maintenance and repairs. Even green technologies are growing fast popularity these days and we might one day going to have a solar recycling water machine in turning dirty or uninhabitable river water into clean drinking water.

Anything is possible for both medical research and technology. It gives us benefits to the economics and brining even better future creating clean drinking water forever.

Final Words

While this idea and opinions may be just a dream, I believe hope for real solutions. Our governments are already focusing on financing and supporting solar energy developments. But still, it’s not enough. As more and more people around the world are waking up to the clean water crisis. I wish Brunei should start looking right now into it and promote global environment educations as well. It doesn’t matter if our populations are small. As long we act early, we can work together to improve the future.

Note: if you would like to donate and fundraising on water projects. You can visit and charity: water for more information on how you can help and fund the water projects.


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