Coolest Free-Style Gunpla #2

Phew! My gunpla is progressing well especially the color matching. At first I was quite worried about the Tamiya colors I brought in the town. Most of them are finished or not even restock. The white color was the most concern in my list. I got a pure white spray and it doesn’t turn out really good for me. Not to mention that was the last one. That was a big mistake I shouldn’t be committing as a modeler during the contest period.  

The Tamiya pure white was used almost half from it and little worry for use in remaining arms and leg. The main head and body were fully assembled and extra details upgrade. I will begin my work on the legs this week and revise the colors again if I could reduce the use of pure white. This is going to be very challenging for me. My decals are on the way and should be arriving this week using register mail. Hopefully able to used the flat clear coating to see how the pure white turns out. Man, I still love using Gunzo and My Hobby spray paints as they are really the best for Gundam kits.
Picture? Not yet at the moment until I finish it.  

On the side note, is now reviewing the HG1/100 Gale Strike Gundam (Hail Buster Gundam coming soon) and I am impressing with the kits. It evens a bit larger than the original HG Aile Strike. This is going to be on my next year buy lists.


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