Age 30, What's Next?

Hmmm...I guess age 30 is officially becoming fucking old now. Never imagine time flow so fast that I even realized not until last week. So, what's next? I don't know, really. Everything about tomorrow. The primary things in life, getting relationship. This is the only shit gives me a lot of scary thought, for one I earned low income and doesn't own a house. That's the thing I am facing right now.

I know, people always told me to think that shit later. But for girls and especially the family nowadays, not much to expect these days would accept it. Maybe I just gone too far saying about it, however this sadly simply just happen to be reality. Of course not 100% applies to all the girls including the parents.

All parents do have the right to make sure their daughter married to good wealth man, well treated and doesn't wish them to suffer. Chinese culture are the most fearsome and I happen to witness my younger uncle getting poke by the wife family comparing the sisters husband who happen to be wealthy and successful every years. Even though, I don't really care because it isn't my business to jump in. What if that was me. I definitely get annoy, depress, getting laugh and pissed by people looking down at you like that.

Again, don't think about it too much. Living in new generation world probably changes comparing to the past. I know real life are not simple thing. It just how I think and sometimes I get frustrated fearing getting into relationship. Yes, there are girls do like me. But their family background puts me so much pressure and no confidence in the end. My current age doesn't mean much to me, it just how the girls think about future already puts me into the edge of worry.


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