300GB HDD Gone!

That was really bad timing losing a 300GB HDD at such month. It was not completely dead somehow, but it just always automatically turn off from time to time and freeze up my whole PC. All my previous and current Anime were all fully backup. Lucky me, I manage to kept them in my primary 750GB HDD for a while.

The three years warranty also already expires last month on June. Damn that, I have to do a lot of backup to tried freeing more space for other upcoming download and Anime. No plan yet if I am going to get a new HDD next month due to my heavy purchase recently for June and July. Anyway, continue to backup my stuffs and anime. This is going to keep me busy for a while.

The upcoming latest posts soon will be Figma Drossel review and updated version for iShop2Go.com review. I currently reviewing it and hopefully one of them will be up tomorrow.


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