HW Japan & YesAsia Last June 2009 Order

Finally! My last June orders are all arrived! Considering that I also lucky, both HW Japan and YesAsia items I order both arrived at the same day today. However, I don’t know why the custom in the post office so pissed off at me. The other one who knows me came out check out what I brought and have a short chat with me. It just the other one wasn’t so happy seeing me. His face is so mad and like I just stab on him or something. For your information, I don’t know him.


I can only think of one thing I done he doesn’t like it which I guess is when I show him what’s inside my box. YesAisa box is small, so there wasn’t much any special except probably he thinks I am buying erogo manga book because Ecole du Ciel front page are full of girls. Well, I don’t mind showing him the inside and prove non-erogo stuffs. It just the HW Japan packing has too much used newspaper in it probably that trigger him. In the end, he asks me to pick it up and go.


  1. mind to sell me 1 drossel ? >.<

  2. hehehe...you know its not going to happen. ^^


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